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How to improve the work environment with office pods


In the modern workplace, office pods can play an important role in enhancing your team’s workspace and in turn boosting wellbeing and productivity to help take your business to the next level. However, when looking at things that can improve work performance, it’s easy to overlook the physical environment around us, even though it has such an important role to play.

Here at Lismark we provide a fantastic range of high-quality office pods that can contribute to an improvement in the work environment. These include acoustic seating pods, meeting pods, work pods and booths and private phone booths. Get in touch to discuss your company’s unique needs in more detail. Contact us.

Creating productive workspaces with office pods

Whether it’s for solo work, creative collaboration, hosting clients or making phone calls, a well-designed workspace is a must to ensure a productive working environment. Many modern offices are open plan to cater a more egalitarian and collaborative environment, however this kind of set up can create issues when privacy and peace and quiet is needed.

Also, as your company adapts to growth or a hybrid working pattern, your requirements from your office space evolves too. However, in any room, office pods can be used to provide the ideal solution to your workspace needs.

Bob Meeting Pod

Bob Meeting Pod

Meeting pods for enhanced collaboration

Meeting booths for offices come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and make a great alternative to the traditional meeting room, especially when space is at a premium. Lismark’s wide range of office meeting pods cater comfortably for gatherings of between 2 and 6 people and are all designed with comfort, quality and great design in mind. Our popular Brix-Up Meeting Pod, with its acoustic surround and retro feel provides a the perfect informal meeting space. Alternatively, our Added Privacy Meeting Pods, which includes the stylish Bob Meeting Pod, offer a fully enclosed space and in most cases, a glass door, to ensure total privacy when concentration or confidentiality is required.

Dennis Work Pod

Dennis Work Pod

Improving work performance with solo work pods

When employees are on a deadline or concentrating on a challenging project, a quiet and distraction-free space to get on with the task in hand is a must. Our range of solo work pods such as the stylish Dennis Work Pod can be integrated into any workspace to create an all-important oasis for uninterrupted solo work, thanks to its thick sound-dampening foam designed to reduce ambient noise from the surrounding environment.

The versatile nature and compact size of all our solo work pods also means it’s easy to place them in lesser-used areas such as receptions, breakout zones and even wide corridors. Alternatively the Bee Cluster Pod, provides solo workspaces in configurations for two, three or four team members to work alone whilst in close proximity.

Delia Acoustic Seating Pod

Delia Acoustic Seating Pod

Shhh! Providing quiet spaces with acoustic seating pods

Whether it’s a whisper or a shout, noise from the surrounding office can have a negative impact when trying to read a detailed document or concentrate on an important conversation. When it comes to creating a quiet space in an open plan office, an acoustic pod with noise-reducing qualities is a great choice. Our range of acoustic seating pods offer a great alternative to traditional soft furnishings in the modern office, with their noise-reducing design that’s as attractive as it is effective. Available to accommodate between 1 and 3 staff, the high back and curved lines of the Delia Acoustic Seating Pod adds softness to the office space while providing a subtle but effective divide.

Clara Phone Phone Booth

Clara Phone Phone Booth

Phone calls are another task that often require a quiet space, whether it’s to avoid disturbing those around us, or to concentrate on an important sales call or confidential conversation. Installing a phone booth in your office space is a great way to cater for this in the modern workplace. Our Clara Phone Booth, with its acoustic panels and magnetic door, is a chic addition to any office, and provides a quiet and private space to make calls or join video meetings.

Office pods for a new improved work environment

For more information on how you can best use office pods to transform both the look and the productivity of your workspace, please get in touch with our office furniture experts. You can call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill in our contact form to find out more about our great range of office pods.


What colours do your office pods come in?  

All of our stylish office pods come in a wide choice of fantastic fabric colours and textures to suit all tastes and budgets. This includes recycled fabrics made from used plastic bottles, heavy duty spill-proof fabrics, as well as colourful vinyls for use in tougher situations.  

Can I have power sockets inside?  

Power sockets and monitor brackets can be added to the majority of our great range of meeting pods so that you can create an office meeting space set up for the tech you need to run your meetings smoothly. Built-in lighting also comes as standard with many of our enclosed office booths.  

Are acoustic pods soundproof?  

Acoustic seating pods are not designed to be soundproof, however they do possess significant noise-reducing properties. Their high backs and sides combined with their noise-absorbing foam provide a peaceful space to concentrate where people in the surrounding office will not be able to hear what you are saying in the privacy of the pod. 

Can I move my office pod? 

Due to their quality, most of our office pods are sturdy and heavy pieces of furniture that are not designed to be moved. If you have an existing pod that you would like to relocate, please get in touch with us and we can advise on the best course of action. If you anticipate that you may want to move an office pod in the future, why not take a look at our pods with optional castor wheels such as the neat and compact Bob Work Pod? 


Jun 27 23

How do acoustic pods absorb sound?


Lismark’s great range of acoustic pods offer the perfect way to save space, reduce distractions and improve acoustics without giving up the convivial and collaborative atmosphere of the modern open-plan workplace.

Our acoustic booths achieve this by limiting ambient noise which enables team members who need to concentrate on solo tasks or private meetings to get on with the job in hand undisturbed. At the same time, they allow those in the main office to talk and collaborate without fear of interrupting their colleagues who need a quiet place to work. For this reason, acoustic pods are a win-win solution for the flexible modern workplace.

At Lismark, all our acoustic pods are available to seat one, two or three people, offering great options for solo work and team collaboration.

Acoustic Pod

BRIX-UP Meeting Pod

How do acoustic pods work?

Acoustic booths are cleverly designed to absorb noise using materials such as sound-absorbing foam and insulation. By trapping and absorbing sound waves and vibrations in the air, they reduce the impact of surrounding noise. As well as using state-of-the-art sound-absorbing materials, all our acoustic pods are designed with comfort and style in mind, making them a highly attractive as well as incredibly useful addition to any workplace.


A two-seater Jensen Shelter

A two-seater Jensen Shelter

Perfect for meetings

As its name suggests, Lismark’s Retreat High Back Sofa uses a high-rise back and side arms to create a private workspace with the reduction of ambient noise. This design is perfect for businesses who want to make good use of the often under-used space at the edges of rooms with a back-to-back configuration of sofas facing each other. Adding a small table in the middle creates the perfect location for informal meetings and impromptu catch-ups.

A one-seat Jensen Shelter

A one-seat Jensen Shelter

A versatile acoustic pod solution

The chic Brix-Up Acoustic Seating Range also makes use of high acoustic surrounds to block unwanted noise and create a private space for solo work or collaboration. With a choice of single seater armchairs and two or three-seater sofas, Brix-Up can be mixed and matched to create the perfect acoustic area for your unique needs. A custom-made upholstered hood is also available for Brix-Up, which can be attached to the seating to provide extra privacy as and when it’s needed. You can also add a linking panel to create an acoustic pod unit with another sofa.

Brix-up high back sofa

A one-seat Jensen Shelter

Enhanced privacy

The stunning Jensen Shelter Acoustic Pod is a comfortable and stylish addition to any office. Featuring high acoustic side screens and an upholstered ceiling, this acoustic booth provides enhanced privacy for meetings, solo work and impromptu catch ups, both visually and acoustically.

Are soundproof acoustic pods available?

No. Acoustic pods are not designed to be fully soundproof. However, on entering any of our acoustic booths you’ll be struck by the marked reduction in general noise you can hear from the surrounding space. Equally importantly, the people around you will not be able to hear what you are saying inside the pod, which is an important factor when confidential conversations need to take place.

If total silence is required in at least one of your office pods, why not take a look at our range of Office Phone Booths, most of which are fully enclosed for private solo work?

What are the other benefits of acoustic pods?

Acoustic pods and booths are not only functional but can also add a serious style statement to any workplace, as well as enhancing employees’ productivity and wellbeing by offering a distraction-free environment.
All Lismark’s acoustic pods are offered in a huge range of fabrics and the choice of one or two-colour upholstery, making it easy to create a bespoke look to reflect your brand’s unique identity with your acoustic booths. Not only that, optional extras include desks, double power sockets and laptop tables.

What’s involved in acoustic booth installation?

Selecting and installing your new acoustic booths couldn’t be easier. Our experts are involved in every part of the process, from advising on the best options and booth placement for your workplace, to installation and even the removal of packaging.

To find out more about Lismark’s great range of acoustic booths, please call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill in our contact form.

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How to create privacy for employees in your office

Bee Cluster Pods

Open-plan offices have become the norm in the UK and worldwide, and although they facilitate collaboration and communication, they can sometimes raise questions about privacy and the ability to have sensitive conversations.

Luckily, there are some simple ways to create privacy for employees in open-plan office environments, without losing the benefits of ease of movement, versatile seating plans and flexibility for individuals who only work from the office for some of the time.

Here are some of the best ways to create privacy for employees at their desk, in ad hoc meetings and when making private phone calls.

Space to work with office privacy pods

Office pods give you instant privacy by enclosing a desk or meeting space with acoustic shields. This reduces the transmission of sound to the surrounding area and provides a visual barrier to passers-by too.

Work pods and booths have other benefits too. As well as protecting privacy, they can give workers the space they need to concentrate on a challenging or time-consuming task. Employees face fewer distractions than in a large open-plan space, ensuring productivity and the quality of their work are optimised.

Bee Cluster Pods

Flexible working with meeting pods

Acoustic pods are not just for individual workstations. They can also provide a shielded area in which groups of colleagues can meet to discuss projects, problems, or anything else that needs their attention.

Depending on the size of your team, you might want to consider installing larger meeting pods. These can accommodate groups – in the case of Magna Extra Large Meeting Pods, up to eight people at a time – while serving as comfortable breakout spaces when not in use for meetings.


Speak freely in an office phone booth

Office phone booths are a fantastic way to allow private phone calls to take place without the risk of eavesdropping. That’s not to say that any of your employees would listen in intentionally, but keeping calls separate from the rest of your office is a sensible precaution.

Modern office phone booths don’t have to be boxy. Even a low acoustic surround can shield conversations from people nearby, such as on our Brix 61 Solo Work Booth. It’s all about meeting the needs of your workforce, while providing them with comfortable, usable spaces for private discussions and phone calls.


Think about partial privacy

You might not need 100% privacy or total soundproofing in order to reduce the risk of calls and conversations being overheard. High-back sofas are a great way to break up the transmission of sound, without completely enclosing your employees.

If you prefer to leave your acoustic pods open to the rest of the office, you might want to place them slightly further away from the busiest areas, where there is less chance of individuals in either area disturbing their colleagues.

Designing for directional privacy

You might not need 360-degree privacy. In some cases, it can be appropriate for a meeting booth to open on to the team’s work area, while being shielded from the rest of the office for security reasons, or just to avoid distracting co-workers.

Meeting pods with an acoustic surround can be orientated to provide maximum privacy in the desired direction, with ease of access to the seating area they serve, creating a best of both worlds solution in busy offices.

Why is versatility important for privacy?

Our work pods and booths are designed to be as versatile as possible, with comfortable seating, optional mains electricity outlets and a range of built-in desks to choose from. All of this adds up to privacy with flexibility for your entire workforce.

Why does this matter? It gives your employees and managers options. Conversations can take place in surroundings that meet the privacy needs on the day. If a discussion is more sensitive, it can move inside a fully enclosed acoustic pod. This means you can rest assured that you have catered for your workforce privacy needs.

Creating office privacy in confined spaces

Even open-plan offices don’t have unlimited space, but with compact meeting pods and office phone booths available, you can create clearly defined private spaces in even the smallest offices.

Traditional square-footprint booths with straight vertical sides are among the most space-saving and standing phone booths work well as part of the modern sit-stand office trend, allowing employees to stretch their legs while on a call.

Performance acoustic insulation materials mean pods and booths can be placed close to each other, with little to no audio leakage between adjacent pods, depending on which booth design you choose.

Find out more

To find out more about any of our acoustic pods, work booths, meeting pods and office phone booths, please get in touch today and we will be happy to discuss your privacy needs.


Jul 6 21

6 great uses for an acoustic pod

using an acoustic pod

Noise disruptions, lack of privacy and low productivity are problems encountered in many workplaces. The acoustic pod, otherwise known as the privacy pod or meeting pod, is becoming more common in the office to rectify problems like this.

Acoustic pods give employees the opportunity to meet and work in a comfortable area without distractions. We’ve rounded up a few scenarios when having an acoustic pod in the office is the perfect solution.

Acoustic Pod

BRIX-UP Meeting Pod

1. Meeting Visitors in an Acoustic Pod

A meeting pod is ideal for getting together with visitors. This kind of pod can be placed anywhere that you have the space available including reception areas, breakout spaces, and even corridors if they are wide enough. Not only does this mean that guests don’t need to walk through your offices to get to meeting rooms, it also provides a more informal setting.

Acoustic Pod

Zen Meeting Pod

2. One-on-one meetings

A meeting pod with high acoustic sides and back panels can block out noise from the surroundings as well as keeping your conversations private. Whilst they won’t eliminate sound completely (so should not be used for confidential meetings) pods certainly provide more privacy than the open office. Fitted with a table, they are ideal for an informal, relaxed one-to-one catch up.

Acoustic Pod

Magna Meeting Pod

3. Video meetings

With video meetings becoming the new normal, having a quiet and professional-looking space to conduct them is a must. Fitted with a wall-mounted monitor and a webcam, a meeting pod is ideal for video meetings. Not only does a pod provide privacy, but it also means your meeting will be less disruptive to those working around you.

Harbour meeting booth

4. When all the meeting rooms are full

It’s frustrating, when you want to have an impromptu get-together with colleagues or visitors but all the meeting rooms are occupied. If you have a meeting pod available you can just pop in there and fire away. Some of our meeting pods can take up to six people, making them perfect for that spontaneous team brainstorming session!

Aura meeting pod

5. Private working away from the office

Need to get away from the buzz of the office to concentrate on a special project? Take your laptop, mobile or tablet and get yourself to a meeting pod. The acoustic sides cut through the noise and allow you to concentrate on the task in hand. You can also pair many acoustic pods with either a desk or a standalone laptop table, so working is comfortable and ergonomic.

6. A flexible working spot

With many companies choosing to be more flexible regarding when employees are needed in the office, we may be entering a time when having a fixed desk for every team member is not necessary. Acoustic pods work well as a desk option for staff who may just be dropping by the office to work for a short period. They can also work well as a meeting spot for teams who may no longer be sitting together on a regular basis.

Cavern 4-seater meeting pod

Cavern 4-seater meeting pod, beech exterior, blue interior & white table

Easy ways to buy acoustic pods

Whether you require an acoustic pod for meetings or as a quiet workspace for your employees, Lismark has a range of acoustic pods to help. We can also spread the cost over 3 years to make your purchase easier.

Ready to add acoustic pods to your office? Browse our full range of acoustic pods or give us a call on 0116 251 7741 to find out how our furniture specialists can help.

Acoustic Pod

Jensen-Up Meeting Pod

About the author

Mark Brown is an expert in office furniture and design and has spent over a decade offering organisations advice on setting up office spaces to enhance productivity. Mark is the owner of Lismark Office Products, a high-quality Leicester based office furniture supplier.

Mar 6 19

Which High Meeting Table should you add to your office?

Relic High Table

Are you considering mixing up things a little in your meeting space by adding High Meeting Tables? High Meeting Tables, at a height of 1050mm, enable your team to work and collaborate in a different way, lending your workplace a forward-thinking, more welcoming feel.

So, if you are considering adding High Meeting Tables to your office, which should you be looking at? Here are five modern tables to consider:

Relic High Tables

Relic High Table

Our Relic High Table provides the most options for the ultimate design personalisation:

  • The table’s leg frames are available in 26 RAL colours, along with the choice of vintage metal finishes in brass or copper. If a more industrial office décor is more your style, a raw steel finish is also available.
  • Table top finishes: 23 standard laminate colours ranging from white all the way through to anthracite, seven rustic effect laminates, six Fenix and six Forbo finishes and three industrial sawn oak finishes: Sawn Oak, Weathered Oak and Sawn Black Oak.
  • Relic High Tables may be specified with the optional extra of power sockets for added convenience.

Relic High Table

The Relic high office table’s size ranges from a neat 1800mm long to seat six people up to a whopping 4200mm that is capable of seating 16 people. Plus, the table leg frames are set inwards, allowing for additional seating to be propped on the ends!

Martin High Tables

martin high table yellow

The original and still one of the best! Martin was the first High Meeting Table range that we sold and has gone from strength to strength ever since!

The Martin High Meeting Table stands out due to the expert craftsmanship of its oak or walnut timber frame with chamfered edges and the amazing matt laminate top. The top features the latest in Nano-technology to produce a super high quality, super-matt laminate surface, with anti-fingerprint technology and an anti-bacterial sealed ultra-hard surface in a white or black matte laminate which is very tactile and easy to clean.

Martin High

The Martin range features rectangular high tables from 1600mm up to 4400mm wide along with a 1200mm diameter circular table and a 800mm or 1000mm square table. Power sockets and cable management can be added and complementary upholstered high stools with oak or walnut leg frames are also available to match the table.

Campus High Tables

Campus High Meeting Table

The Campus High Table is the lowest priced high office table from our range. The table’s size range from a 1600mm wide table to seat four people through to a 4400mm table to seat 12 people. All tables are 1050mm high.

Tops are available in 10 mfc finishes, 3 laminates and 4 veneer finishes. Leg frames are in silver, black or white with power sockets available as an optional extra.

Box-It High Tables

High office meeting tables

Our Box-It High Tables have a block-like, clean looking, panel profile that comes in 10 mfc finishes along with the option of a bright white laminate finish. For this meeting table, there are just three lengths available: 1600mm, 1800mm and 2000mm.

Jig Social

Jig Social High Tables

The Jig Social range is a stylish addition to our high meeting table line up. The Jig Social High meeting Table range features a wooden leg frame finish in natural or black oak alongside a choice of 23 coloured laminates, seven rustic effect finishes, six Fenix and six Forbo finishes.

Jig Social High Tables

Sizes range from a six-seater at 1800mm long up to a 16-seater at 4200mm long. Power sockets may be added to charge devices whilst working.

Browse office tables

As experts in office furniture design and supply, Lismark appreciates that there are many different requirements for office tables. To browse our full collection of office tables including high meeting tables, conference tables, meeting tables and coffee tables, click here.

Alternatively, give us a call on 0116 251 7741 to advice on your furniture options.

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