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Cup Chair

New Product Review – the Cup chair from Verco

The Verco Cup Chair is different…. These aren’t words I often say together. The Cup chair from Verco is both… continue reading


New Product Review: Manila, a different type of vinyl

Last week I was asked to quote for a 2-seater Jig High Settee to be used in a school common… continue reading

Relic High Table

Which High Meeting Table should you add to your office?

Are you considering mixing up things a little in your meeting space by adding High Meeting Tables? High Meeting Tables,… continue reading

Magna Meeting Pod

Our first installation of the Magna Meeting Pod

We are very pleased to say that we have just completed the first installation of our new Magna Meeting Pod…. continue reading

Foundry Giant Table

How to optimise your small office space – 6 expert tips

All businesses should strive to be as efficient as possible – regardless of the size of the office. It’s an… continue reading

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