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Armadillo 6-seater meeting pod, with low sides, and a closed back

Integrating meeting pods into your workspace

Even in offices with one or more formal meeting rooms, it can be a challenge to provide space for all…

Hubs Office Privacy Pods

Elevating workspaces: office pods for ultimate productivity

In today’s open plan work environment, private office spaces are still required to offer employees the opportunity to meet or…

Bill Meeting Pod on wheels

Meeting Pods on wheels

Meeting pods are a useful addition to any workplace. Comfortable and welcoming, they are a convenient space for impromptu meetings,…

How to improve the work environment with office pods

In the modern workplace, office pods can play an important role in enhancing your team’s workspace and in turn boosting…

Acoustic Pod

How do acoustic pods absorb sound?

Lismark’s great range of acoustic pods offer the perfect way to save space, reduce distractions and improve acoustics without giving…

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