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A phone pod creates a private space in the modern workplace for employees to make calls and hold video meetings. Thanks to their compact size, single user office phone booths can be located within the main office, in reception or breakout areas, or even placed in lesser-used spaces like corridors or under stairs.

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Why choose a phone pod?

Our office phone booths have many benefits for today’s open-plan offices and co-working spaces.

Do phone pods provide privacy and quiet?

Yes, phone pods offer a quiet space to make calls and hold video meetings. Some of our office phone booths are built to dramatically minimise sound, such as the Milli Phone Booth, a standing acoustic phone pod made with soundproofing material, to mitigate noise. The Milli Work Pod provides the same peaceful environment for seated calls and video meetings.

Are office phone booths easy to fit into my existing space?

All our phone pods are compact with a small footprint, making them easy to place without disrupting your existing layout, even in small spaces. However, the Penelope Phone Pod is available in a choice of three widths, so you can find the perfect office phone booth for your space.

Are phone pods available with seating and desk space?

Yes. You can opt for seating and desktops in your office phone booth. Our Penelope Phone Pod comes with multiple options, including a shelf and optional perch seat, all the way through to a fitted desktop which can be used with an office chair. Alternatively, the Bob Work Pod comes complete with seat and desk.

Do they come with in-built lighting?

All our phone pods featuring enclosed tops come with built-in lighting as standard. The Milli Phone Booth features an infra-red motion sensor that automatically turns on its LED lighting on entry and turns it off following five minutes of inactivity.

Penelope office phone booth

Do office phone booths come with power sockets and charging points?

We’re able to accommodate additional features for some of the phone pods we supply. For example, the Penelope Phone Pod and Bob Work Pod can be fitted with power sockets to charge phones, tablets and laptops. The Milli Phone Booth has user friendly charging ports as standard. This model also features air vents for air circulation.

Can I choose the colours and fabrics for my phone pod?

Yes, all our office phone booths are available in a choice of colours. The Bob Work Pod and Penelope Work Pod come in a wide choice of colours and fabrics for both the interior and the exterior, so you can create the perfect on-brand aesthetic for your company and décor theme.

Are phone pods for office use only?

Not at all. The phone pods we supply are perfect for any setting where a private spot is needed for making calls or holding video meetings. Universities, co-working spaces and many other organisations can benefit from installing an office phone booth.


Can office phone pods be moved around?

The Milli Phone Booth is easy to move around the workplace as it has castors fitted as standard. The Bob Work Pod can be fitted with castors at an extra cost.

Can you build and install my office phone booth?

Absolutely. Our phone pods are built by our specialist team ready for you to use. The hassle-free process even includes removal of all the packaging. Not only that, some of our office phone booths are available on short lead times.

Are sustainable phone pods available?

The newest option in our range, the Milli Phone Booth features eco-friendly acoustic panels and the interior is fitted with a minimum of 50% recycled content.

What about cost?

Prices start at £3550 plus vat. For purchases over £5,000 we can offer leasing options. Please get in touch for details on pricing.

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To discuss our great range of office phone booths, please call our office furniture experts on 0116 251 7714 or contact us here.

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