Clara Phone Booth

Launched in May 2023, the Clara Phone Booth is our latest acoustic pod. Designed for one person, it is a private and comfortable space for individual work, phone calls or video conferencing. Equipped with acoustic panels, the pod provides a noise reduced environment, reducing external noise, and enhancing privacy. Additionally, the built-in table and seat provide a functional workspace, optimizing the user’s productivity.

The Clara has a sleek, stylish design, making it perfect for corporate offices and co-working spaces.

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Clara Phone Booth with a cork exterior

Clara Phone Booth with a cork exterior

Features fitted as standard

  • Built-in table: Custom-made built-in laminate desk available in a range of finishes. Table height: 720mm from the booth floor.
  • Built-in chair: Upholstered chair with sound-insulating foam and thick, comfy cushions.
  • LED light: Overhead LED light ensures the booth is well-lit but not too bright to cause glare or headaches.
  • Commercial carpet: 100% nylon to ensure durability, while the rubber back helps with sound insulation.
  • Exterior acoustic panels: Clara has a choice of 4 exterior panels to change the aesthetic and improve sound insulation, ensuring your private calls stay private and uninterrupted. Choose from upholstered, slatted, laminate, and cork.
  • Interior: Upholstered acoustic walls create a comfy and welcoming space to sit.
  • Ceiling fan: Quiet and powerful, it will ensure the air stays fresh all day.
  • Motion sensor: Ventilation and lighting work from motion sensors, keeping the pod energy efficient.
  • Magnetic door: Tempered glass door with a magnetic seal. Reduces internal and external noise while providing a sense of security and privacy.
  • Power: A panel mounted 3-pin UK power & USB charge sockets add extra convenience.
Clara Phone Booth with an upholstered exterior

Clara Phone Booth with an upholstered exterior


The Clara Phonebooth measures 1200mm (47 inches) wide x 1000mm (39 inches) deep x 2200mm (86 inches) high.

Clara Phone Booth with a slatted exterior

Clara Phone Booth with a slatted exterior

Delivery and installation

The Clara Phonebooth is on a 6 week lead time. We deliver and build the pod and place it in your required end location. When we leave, we take away all of our packaging and leave the it ready for you to use.

Want to find out more?

Give us a call on 0116 251 7741, fill out this short form and we will get in touch, or request a quote here.

We can now offer leasing to make your pod purchase even easier. Please get in touch for details.

Clara Phone Booth with a laminate exterior

Clara Phone Booth with a laminate exterior

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