Acoustic Seating Pods

Acoustic seating pods are the perfect solution to create quiet space for solo work, calls or chats for up to three people. Whether your office will benefit from saving space by using acoustic seating pods for discussions between colleagues, or as separate workspaces for employees to use as a quiet alternative to their desks, we have an excellent range of acoustic seating pods to suit every office.

Our acoustic seating pod range

Our high-quality acoustic seating pods are a smart, stylish and hardworking alternative to traditional sofas and chairs for the modern workplace. Their high backs and sides, combined with the innovative noise-absorbing materials they are made of, means they offer an invaluable quiet place to concentrate. They are available as one, two or three-seater sofas to offer a solution for every space, whether that’s in the heart of a busy open plan office, a breakout area, or a reception.

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Ordering office acoustic seating pods

For more information about the many benefits of acoustic seating pods, in providing a stress-free, flexible working space for your business, or to arrange to place an order, call our office furniture experts on 0116 251 7714.


Ordering acoustic pods for your office

For more information about the benefits of acoustic pods in providing a stress-free, flexible office working space for your business, or to arrange to place an order, call our office furniture experts on 0116 251 7714.–>

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If you’re interested in discussing how acoustic seating pods can enhance your office space, or would like to discuss a quote, please get in touch today.


FAQs for acoustic seating pods

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Below you’ll find some of the most common questions we get asked about our range of acoustic seating pods. However, if you have any other queries or would like a quote, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

What kind of noise reduction do acoustic seating pods offer?

The high backs and sides of acoustic pods combined with their noise-absorbing qualities provide a peaceful space to concentrate on the task in hand. Also, the interior sound absorbing abilities of acoustic seating pods means people in the office will not be able to hear what you are saying in the privacy of the pod or feel obliged to make a special effort to be quiet around you.

How many people can fit in an acoustic meeting pod?

Our acoustic meeting pods start for one person, and then go through 2 to 3, on one sofa. Place one unit facing another to double the capacity.

Do you sell roofed acoustic pods?

Yes. Pods such as the Jensen Shelter Acoustic Pod, which is available for one, two or three people in a distinctive contemporary design, is upholstered with high side screens and a ceiling for enhanced acoustic and visual privacy.

How many people can fit in an acoustic seating pod?

Our acoustic office seating pods are available as single-space work pods, through to three-seaters. Our office furniture experts can advise on the models to best suit you, so please get in touch to find out more. For example, the Retreat High Back Sofa is a great space-saving solution for solo work when the units are placed back to back. Alternatively, when placed facing each other, two of these highly versatile units can create a quiet and informal meeting space. Alternatively, the Jensen-Up Acoustic Seating Pod is available in a choice of two heights to meet your exact requirements.

Are acoustic seating pods comfortable?

We think you will find all our acoustic seating pods very comfortable. As well as boasting superior ambient noise reducing qualities, the seating foam in our soft accessible units is specially chosen for use in a commercial environment. Not only that, the enveloping nature of an acoustic pod makes it a comfortable, welcoming place to concentrate on work. The Jensen Shelter Acoustic Pod even comes with cushions to match its chic and comfortable upholstery, for the ultimate in office comfort.

Are acoustic pods hard-wearing?

All of our high-quality office furniture is built to last in the demanding setting of the modern workplace. Our acoustic seating pods are manufactured with extremely durable, commercial grade frames, foams and fabrics. Heavy duty fabrics may be specified for more challenging environments. The Lenny Acoustic Seating Pod comes with the option of a laminate exterior for extra durability in high traffic areas.

Can acoustic seating pods be moved?

Our high-quality acoustic pods are very sturdy, so they are not designed to be moved. However, if you do need your office pod to be moved to a different location, give us a call and we can advise on the best course of action.

What colours and fabrics do the acoustic pods come in?

All of our stunning office pods come in a wide choice of fantastic fabric colours and textures to suit all tastes and budgets. This includes recycled fabrics made from used plastic bottles, heavy duty spill-proof fabrics, as well as colourful vinyls for use in tougher situations. Our popular Brix-Up Acoustic Seating Range is even available with the option of two colours on the same unit and a choice of silver, oak or walnut leg frames.

Do I have to put my acoustic seating pod together?

No, we will do that for you and we’ll even take away the packaging when we’re finished. Our specialist installation team will build the acoustic pod up in the location you require, ready for you to use straight away.


Our acoustic office furniture ranges

Jensen-Up Meeting Pod

With many offices choosing a more flexible approach to how and where their employees work, acoustic pods can provide a much-needed quiet space for meetings, phone calls or study.–>

Are acoustic pods for office use only?

Not at all. The acoustic seating pods we supply are suitable for any setting where a private space is needed for making phone calls and concentrating on solo tasks. They are great for use in reception areas, atriums, wide corridors, and breakout zones.

Can you advise on the placing of acoustic office pods?

Of course. Our office furniture experts will be happy to advise on how your acoustic seating pods can make the most of your existing space and fit in with your existing furniture.

How much do acoustic seating pods cost?

Our acoustic pods start at around £1000 plus vat for the Retreat single seater. There will also be delivery and installation costs dependent on location. Please contact us to find out more about costs.

Do you have any other types of office pods?

Yes. We also have a great range of meeting pods and office phone booths that combine well practically and aesthetically with our acoustic seating pods in open plan offices. Also, some acoustic seating pods, such as the Brix-Up unit, can be combined to create a meeting pod for up to six people.

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To find out more about our great range of acoustic seating pods, please contact us to speak to one of our experienced team for more ideas and to discuss the best solution for you.
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