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Work pods and work booths are the perfect way to provide flexible, private workspaces for the modern office. Features available in our high-quality, stylish range of individual office pods include acoustic properties to provide privacy, plus inbuilt desks, lighting , ventilation and power sockets for ease of use.

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Ordering a work pod for your office

For more information about our range of individual office pods or to place an order, call our office furniture experts on 0116 251 7714 or contact us here.

Our range of work pods and booths

The wide choice of sizes, styles and fabric options means there’s a solution for every space and décor scheme.

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If you’re interested in discussing work pod options for your business or would like a quote, please get in touch today.

Why choose a work booth or pod?

Our individual office pods have many benefits for today’s open-plan offices and co-working spaces. The wide choice of sizes, styles and fabric options available for our work pods means there’s a solution for every space and décor scheme.

How much privacy does a work pod offer?

Our office pods range from open designs to fully enclosed work booths like the Penelope Phone Pod and  . If you’re unsure of the best option for you, get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Are individual office pods comfortable?

Very much so. The seating foam used in our work pods and booths is especially chosen for use in a commercial environment. So, not only is the seating itself comfortable and durable, the enclosed sides of our individual office pods provide a peaceful environment to work in. Our Milli Work Pod features airflow vents that provide constant natural air circulation to aid comfort and alertness when working.

Can I get a work booth with a built-in desk?

Yes. We offer a wide range of work pods that incorporate a sturdy and durable desk. The Bee solo work pod is a great option for a comfortable work booth with a good-sized desk.

Do work pods come with power sockets?

Many of our work booths are fitted with power sockets as an optional extra so you can easily use your laptop or even desktop computer. Others feature spaces to feed through wires to keep you connected. Our Milli Work Pod comes with two UK power sockets, two USB chargers and one CAT-6 port as standard.

What colour and fabric options are available?

Work pods such as the Bob Work Pod come in a huge range of colours and fabrics, from sheer pastels to vibrant reds and greens. If you find a work booth on our website and would like to know the options available or if you already have a colour palette in mind, please get in touch.

How much sound does an individual office pod block out?

Our work pods will block out some surrounding noise (and keep some noise in) but they are not soundproof. The level of noise reduction depends on the model of booth or pod you choose. For example, our Dennis Work Pod features thick, sound dampening foam to reduce ambient noise

and our fully enclosed Milli Work Pod is built with class-leading structural detailing and soundproofing materials. If noise reduction is a priority, we recommend viewing our Acoustic Pods page for more options.

Do work booths have built-in lighting?

Some of the work booths we supply come with power sockets to plug in a lamp of your choosing. Others, such as the Penelope Phone Pod, Bob Work Pod and Milli Work Pod, feature lighting as standard.

Are work booths easy to move?

When you order any of our solo work pods and booths, we carry out the delivery and installation. If flexibility is a priority, opt for the Milli Work Pod which features castors as standard or the Bob Work Pod, which can also be fitted with castors for easy moveability.

All our individual office pods are robust and made for commercial interiors so while many of them are not designed to be rearranged, they may be moved to other areas with very careful handling if you decide to relocate them at a later date.

Are office booths available in different sizes?

Yes. As well as offering a wide range of sizes within our range of work pods, the Penelope Phone Pod is available three widths and the Bee Solo Work Pod comes in a choice of two heights for the perfect fit for your space.

Are sustainable work pods available?

Yes. Our  Milli Work Booth features eco-friendly acoustic panels and the interior is fitted with a minimum of 50% recycled content.

What about cost?

Prices start £3,400 plus vat. For purchases over £5,000 we can offer leasing options. Please get in touch for details on pricing.




Our other office pod ranges

Lismark also supplies other kinds of work booth furniture including:

Meeting pods

The perfect solution for additional meeting space, a meeting pod can be placed in a main office to provide a more private location for meeting clients and colleagues. Seating between 2 and 6 people, we carry a wide range of sizes to fit your space.

See our meeting pods

Acoustic seating

We offer a range of soft seating options with a high back and/or sides designed to create a more private area with reduced noise. Many of these individual seats can also be grouped together and combined with a desk to create a larger acoustic pod.

See our acoustic pods and seats

Ordering work pods for your office

To find out more about how work pods and booths can provide the perfect solo workspace for your team, call our office furniture experts on 0116 251 7714.

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