Office Work Pods and Booths

With open plan offices set to stay, providing a work pod or booth is the perfect way to create a space where individuals can work, study and make phone calls in private.

Individual office pods are designed to accommodate a single user and often have acoustic properties to reduce interruptions from noise in the surrounding area. With most models featuring a desk and optional power sockets, they are ideal for working and studying in peace and comfort. Not only this, but these pods create a modern point of interest in any office thanks to their sleek designs and beautiful fabric options.

We have a wide range of the latest single person work pods and booths in a variety of styles, so you are sure to find one that fits with your office size, shape and décor.

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Ordering work pods for your office

For more information about the benefits of personal work pods in providing a stress-free, flexible office working space for your office, or to arrange to place an order, call our office furniture experts on 0116 251 7714.

FAQs for office work booths and pods

Kurt one person privacy boothHow much coverage and privacy does a work pod offer?

This varies by design but we have options that range from fairly open designs to almost fully enclosed pods like the Nautilus work both.  If you’re unsure what the best option may be for you and your employees, just get in touch and we will be happy to help advise you.

Are they comfortable?

Yes, the seating foam used in the pods and booths that we supply are specially chosen for use in a commercial environment. Not only is the seating itself comfortable, but the enclosed sides of a personal pod make them a peaceful and welcoming environment to work in.

Do they come with a built-in desk?

We offer a wide range of work pods that include a sturdy and durable desk already built in. Our favourites include the Kurt work booth which features a smaller rounded table, or if you want more of a full desk booth to spread out try the Bee solo work pod and Nautilus work booth.

Do they have a power socket?

Many of our work booths come with power sockets as an optional extra so that you can add a laptop or even desktop computer. For those that don’t they may feature spaces to feed through wires and keep you connected.

Bee Solo Work Pod

What colour and fabric options are there?

Our work pods come in a huge range of colours and fabrics, from sheer pastels to vibrant reds and greens. If you see a work pod on our website and would like to know the options available, or if you have a colour palette in mind already, please just get in touch.

How much sound will a personal acoustic pod block out?

Our range of acoustic pods will block out some of the surrounding noise (and keep some noise in) but they are not soundproof. This also depends on the kind of booth or pod you choose as they have differing levels of noise reduction. We recommend viewing our acoustic pods page for more options.

Do they have built-in lighting?

Some of the styles we supply come with the option for a built-in lamp whilst others can feature power sockets to plug in a lamp of your choosing.

Are they easy to move and rearrange?

When you order any of our solo work pods and booths, we carry out the initial delivery and installation to your required location. Our products are robust and made for commercial interiors so, while they are not exactly mobile, they may be moved to other areas with very careful handling if you decide to relocate them at a later date.


Our other office pod ranges

Lismark also supplies other kinds of office pod furniture including:

Meeting pods

The perfect solution to needing additional meeting space, a meeting pod can be placed in a main office to provide a more private meeting location. Seating between 2 and 15 people, we carry a wide range of sizes to fit your space.

See our meeting pods

Acoustic seating

We offer a range of soft seating options with a high back and/or sides which create a more private area with reduced noise. Many of these individual seats can also be grouped together and combined with a desk to create a larger acoustic pod.

See our acoustic pods and seats


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