Brix Solo Work Booth

Carve Out Your Focus Zone

Reclaim your concentration in the open office with the Brix Solo Work Booth. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this compact unit provides a private haven to tackle your tasks or unwind amidst the buzz.

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Brix Solo Work Booth

Work in peace

The enveloping acoustic surround muffles distractions and allows you to focus on the at hand. Plus, it’s upholstered in your choice of fabric for a personalised touch.

Brix Solo Work Booth

Integrated functionality

The built-in work surface offers ample space for your laptop, paperwork, or a well-deserved coffee break. Add a charging socket for extra convenience.

Brix Solo Work Booth

More than just a work booth

The Brix Solo isn’t just about productivity. It’s also your comfy refuge to take a call, brainstorm ideas, or simply gather your thoughts.

Brix Solo Work Booth

Designed for style

With its slightly retro aesthetic, the Brix Solo brings a touch of character to any workspace.

The Brix Solo Work Booth: Focus redefined. Contact us today to learn more.

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