Dainty Acoustic Work Pods

Dainty Acoustic Work Pods are designed for focused, individual work. Available as single standalone pods, linked pods in a row, or back-to-back pods.  Dainty is the perfect agile working solution for your evolving office environment.

Available in a variety of colourful fabrics for offices and workplaces. A range of  healthcare fabrics are also available for a high performance, spill-proof, anti-microbial finish. Add a power socket into the desktop for added convenience.

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Our new Dainty Acoustic Work Pods enable you to offer agile working in your workplace. Perfect for Zoom meetings, quiet working, private phone calls, in fact all tasks that need a degree of privacy. Choose from two different heights, and an array of arrangements, details as follows.

Single Work Pod

Single work pod

A 1400mm high Dainty single work pod

The single work pod can be tucked into office corners, breakout zones and reception areas, for a handy, convenient, private workspace.

Size: 1060mm wide x 888mm deep. It comes in two different heights, 1400mm or 1600mm high. The desktop measures 997w x 650d mm.

Work pods in-a-row

Dainty work pods in a row

1600mm high Dainty work pods in a row of 4

Available as 2 pods, 3 pods or 4 work pods in a row. These also come in the two different heights, 1400mm or 1600mm high.

Work pods back-to-back

Era Dainty back to back work pods

1400mm high Dainty 6 back-to-back work pods

These are available in modules of 2 pods, 4 pods, 6 pods or 8 pods back-to-back, again in two different heights, 1400mm or 1600mm.

Dainty back to back work pod

1400mm high Dainty 2 back-to back work pods

Delivery & installation

We take care of delivery and installation, direct to the end location. Simply tell our helpful, polite fitters where you would like your new Dainty pods to go, and we will build them up in that location. We also take away all of the packaging, so your pods are reday for use. Lead time is typically 4 to 6 weeks.

Dainty 3 work pods in a row

1400mm high Dainty work pods in a row of 3


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Any other options to consider?

The Bee Solo Work Pod and Bee Cluster Pods are well worth a look. Based on a different shape, with lots of colour options.

Dainty work pods 2-in-a-row

1600mm high Dainty work pods, 2 in a row


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