Office Seating Fabrics

This is just a small selection of the wide range of fabrics we offer for office seating. Alternatively, if you have a particular fabric range in mind you would like to use for your new office furniture, please get in touch.

Camira Rivet: Rivet takes inspiration from traditional textiles for a contemporary look and the high performance needed for office furniture. A lightly textured hopsack, Rivet is available in 33 colours, and is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester from used plastic bottles.

Gabriel Chili: Chili is produced from post-consumer recycled flame-retardant polyester. This fabric is perfect for office furniture as it offers superior flame retardancy and is designed for use in environments such as offices where fire safety is key. Chili is available in a range of 47 colours, which you can see here.

Inloom One: One is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Smooth and chic, this innovative fabric features a multi-directional stretch that makes it ideal for upholstering office seating. Take a look at the range of 40 bold and vibrant colours here.

Camira Era: This two-tone polyester fabric features a stretch in both directions, making it the perfect upholstery fabric for office furniture. Its baby herringbone weave makes it a contemporary yet understated look for your office seating. Choose from colours ranging from muted to bright here.

Camira Oceanic: Oceanic is produced from post-consumer recycled plastic – from debris floating in the seas, used to make SEAQUAL® YARN. A truly eco-conscious choice for contemporary office furniture, this innovative fabric is available in 16 colours here.

Camira Quest: A lightly textured fabric, produced entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic, Quest’s fluidity is reminiscent of the sea and brings a calming and chic vibe to modern office furniture. With a balanced hopsack weave enhanced by the discat-dyed SEAQUAL® , Quest is available in 27 colours here.

Inloom Spazio: Featuring a soft-to-the-touch 3D geometric design, Spazio is made from recycled bottles for the eco-friendly office. You can create a unique theme with your office seating by matching it the corresponding colour from One, the plain version of the fabric.

Camira Urban: Inspired by the street, Urban’s clean lines and architectural style is the perfect fabric for any modern brand keen to make a style statement with its office seating. See the colour range of this lightly textured fabric featuring an almost industrial-looking metallic sheen here.

Camira Main Line Flax: A perennially popular office seating fabric, Main Line Flax is produced from a combination of pure wool and harvested flax to create a multi-tonal, flame-retardant fabric. Take a look at the colour palette here.

Camira Main Line Twist: Created from wool and flax, this tweed effect textile has a handwoven appearance that looks great in any office setting, with multi-tonal yarns that create warmth and texture. Made to pair with Main Line Flax, these two textiles can create a stunning office décor theme. Take a look at the colour options here.

Camira Blazer: Blazer is made from premium New Zealand lambswool, where responsible farming provides the highest quality raw materials. Choose from a wide range of colours here for the perfect match for your office furniture.

Camira Synergy: Synergy is a high-performance wool rich fabric, which creates a feel of understated chic for your office seating. Available in a colour palette of 75, you’re sure to find the perfect shade for your new office seating. Take a look here.

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