Bee Cluster Pods

Our Bee Cluster Pods are perfect for focussed work areas within your work place. Choose from 2, 3 or 4 person pod arrangements and two different pod heights. Perfect for hot-desking, private work assignments and quiet space shielded from the busy office.

You can specify the one or two colour fabric pod upholstery to suit your office decor, company colours or your own personal tastes.

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Bee Cluster Pods

A 3-desk Bee Cluster Pod with 1215mm high screens

Are Bee Cluster Pods what you have been looking for?

Yes, if you have been thinking of adding quiet, focussed work zones to your office space. Available in clusters of 2, 3 or 4 desk pods and in two different heights, they provide a quiet space to concentrate, work, make and take phone calls in the midst of a typical modern open plan office.


Firstly,  two different pod heights to choose from, 1215 mm high and 1715 mm high.

  • A two-desk cluster pod measures 2804 wide x 2257 deep mm
  • A three-desk cluster pod measures 2804 wide x 2989 deep mm
  • A four-person cluster pod measures 2804 wide 3721 deep mm
Bee Cluster Pods

3-desk Bee Cluster Pod with 1715mm high screens

Panel Colours:

The high panels surrounding the desk top are available in any of the 31 colours of the Camira Blazer Lite fabric range. The options for personalisation are as follows:

  • Single colour upholstery – choose to have the same colour fabric on the inside and outside of the pod panels.
  • Two-colour upholstery – one colour fabric on the inside of the pod and a different fabric colour on the outside of the pod.

Desk Top Colours:

As standard, the Bee comes with a square edge desk top available in 10 MFC colours. For a price uplift you can specify matt, anti-fingerprint Nano-tech worktops on a solid ply core with chamfered edge profile.

Bee Solo Work Pod

Desk Top in Grey Nano-tech laminate

Optional extras

Why not add a desktop double power socket? Great if the pod is being used as hot-desking or for mobile working.

Bee Solo Work Pod Power

Desktop double power socket

How can I learn more?

Great. Contact us on this form or give us a call on 0116 251 7741 for a chat.

Bee Cluster Pods

3-desk Bee Cluster Pod with 1715mm high screens

Leasing terms for Bee Solo Work Pods

Subject to a minimum cost amount, we can now offer leasing to make your Bee Cluster Pod purchase even easier. Please get in touch for details.

Do you have any Meeting Pods or Acoustic Pods?

Yes. We have one of the best selections in the UK. Take a look at our other meeting pods here or our smaller acoustic pods.

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