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Box-It Breakout

7 Benefits of Office Breakout Areas

The office breakout area has become a phenomenon that has taken over workspaces across the UK. These areas with comfortable… continue reading


Our Top 10 Office Furniture Summer Best Sellers

We have had a brilliant summer for both weather and sales. Here are our 10 most popular office furniture products… continue reading

DNA bench desks

Office furniture that makes any office look modern

If you feel that your office needs a refresh to attract new staff and clients what’s out there to achieve… continue reading

Martin Bench Roomset

10 Ways To Use A Worktable

A Worktable is more than just a glorified meeting table. It is designed to be multi-purpose, encompassing a wide variety… continue reading

Jensen Hut

10 Ways To Use An Office Privacy Pod

Office privacy pods are becoming extremely popular among forward thinking workplaces.  Often the main reasons for buying an office privacy… continue reading

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