6 times an Acoustic Pod would have come in handy

15 Nov 2018
Encore Meeting Pod

Noise disruptions, lack of privacy and low productivity are unfortunate problems festering in many workplaces. The acoustic pod, otherwise known as privacy pod or meeting pod, is becoming more common in the office to rectify problems like these.

Acoustic pods give employees the opportunity to meet and work in a comfortable area without distractions. Nevertheless, there are some businesses who refuse to believe to advantages and benefits that acoustic pods bring to the office.

Like the look of an acoustic meeting pod but unsure how much you would use it? We’ve listed a few scenarios when having an acoustic pod in the office is perfect:

Acoustic Pod

BRIX-UP Meeting Pod

1. Meeting Visitors in an Acoustic Pod

A meeting pod is ideal for getting together with visitors. A meeting pod can be placed anywhere that you have the space available: reception areas, breakout spaces, atrium’s and even corridors if your premises have them wide enough. It saves taking the visitors on a long walk through your offices.

Acoustic Pod

Zen Meeting Pod

2. One-to-ones in a Meeting Pod

A meeting pod with high acoustic sides and back panels can block out noise from the surroundings as well as keeping your conversations private. Fitted with a table, they are ideal for an informal, relaxed one-to-one.

Acoustic Pod

Magna Meeting Pod

3. Skype Meetings

Fitted with a wall mounted monitor and a webcam, a meeting pod is great for Skype meetings. You don’t have to have a large, fancy conference room when you have a versatile acoustic meeting pod.

Acoustic Pod

Entente Meeting Pod

4. When all the Meeting Rooms are full

You know the feeling, when you want an unplanned, impromptu get together with colleagues or visitors for a chat but all the meeting rooms are occupied. If you had a meeting pod, job done, just all pop in there and fire away. Some of our meeting pods can take up to six people.

Acoustic Pod

Jensen Shelter

5. Private working away from the office

Need to get away from the buzz of the office to concentrate on a special project? Take your laptop, mobile or tablet and get yourself to a meeting pod. The acoustic sides cut through the noise and allow you to concentrate on the task in hand.

6. Coffee in an Office Privacy Pod

We all know that coffee makes the world go round and what better place to take your refreshments than in a meeting pod, away from the office noise and interruptions. Plus, no-one can steal your biscuits!

Acoustic Pod

Jig Cave

Buy or lease Acoustic Pods

Whether you require an acoustic pod for meetings or as a quiet workspace for your employees, Lismark has a range of acoustic pods to help. We can also offer leasing terms to make your purchase easier.

Ready to add acoustic pods to your office? Browse our full range of acoustic pods here or give us a call on 0116 251 7741 to find out how our furniture specialists can help.

Acoustic Pod

Jensen-Up Meeting Pod

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