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Our first installation of the Magna Meeting Pod

Magna Meeting Pod

We are very pleased to say that we have just completed the first installation of our new Magna Meeting Pod. This one was a four seater (2 + 2) upholstered in Camira Fabrics Positive X2 fabric.


The pod has the highest specification possible, featuring a tapered white laminate table with a silver column base, a monitor mounting bracket with cable access, a linking panel to link the two high back sofas together along with 2 x UK power/usb smart charger sockets built into the linking panel.


In this post, we take a look at what the business is using the meeting pod for, where it is positioned in the office and what their initial thoughts are. Have a read through their experience of buying a meeting pod and it might give you some inspiration for your workspace:

Prior approval

Following a meeting with the client, a coloured 3D render (shown below) of the new Magna Meeting Pod was produced so the client could confirm they were happy with the fabric colour and final appearance.


An order was then placed on the factory with a delivery lead time of three weeks. The delivery date and time was agreed with the client to be convenient for them.

Delivery and installation of the meeting pod

Delivery and installation commenced at 9.30am and finished just over an hour later at 11am, requiring only two fitters. I went along just to see how it all went together, of course!

We removed all packaging from the site and left the Magna Meeting Pod ready for the customer to use.

Where is the meeting pod used in the office?

The Magna Meeting Pod has been situated in a wide corridor which links two departments, not your usual space for a meeting room but an area which would otherwise have been unused and populated just by a couple of artificial plants.


What is the meeting pod used for?

The client has used the Magna Meeting Pod mostly for meetings so far, but also for one-to-ones, Skype meetings, solo working on mobile devices away from the office and informal get-togethers over a coffee. That’s the main benefit of the meeting pod; they’re a multi-use, versatile workspace.


Feedback to date has all been positive with the meeting pod in regular use when meeting rooms are unavailable. I have been back on site since the installation date and it was great to see four people using it to hold a meeting.


Within one hour of the completion of installation, my contact on site had received requests for pricing and for the meeting pod to be moved to several different departments so other people could try it.

Magna Meeting Pod costs

Compared to the cost of building a permanent meeting room to seat four to six people, adding power, heating, air conditioning and sprinklers, the Magna Meeting Pod is far more cost effective. Plus it can be easily taken apart and moved elsewhere in your organisation.

Have you considered leasing a meeting pod?

We are now also able to offer lease finance as an alternative way to paying upfront to purchase your meeting pods. Leasing is an increasingly popular funding option for businesses looking to purchase new office furniture. Spread the cost with monthly or quarterly payments, over 3 or 5 years.

If you are considering a meeting pod for your organisation get in touch for an informal chat or to arrange a meeting.

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