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How do acoustic pods absorb sound?


Lismark’s great range of acoustic pods offer the perfect way to save space, reduce distractions and improve acoustics without giving up the convivial and collaborative atmosphere of the modern open-plan workplace.

Our acoustic booths achieve this by limiting ambient noise which enables team members who need to concentrate on solo tasks or private meetings to get on with the job in hand undisturbed. At the same time, they allow those in the main office to talk and collaborate without fear of interrupting their colleagues who need a quiet place to work. For this reason, acoustic pods are a win-win solution for the flexible modern workplace.

At Lismark, all our acoustic pods are available to seat one, two or three people, offering great options for solo work and team collaboration.

Acoustic Pod

BRIX-UP Meeting Pod

How do acoustic pods work?

Acoustic booths are cleverly designed to absorb noise using materials such as sound-absorbing foam and insulation. By trapping and absorbing sound waves and vibrations in the air, they reduce the impact of surrounding noise. As well as using state-of-the-art sound-absorbing materials, all our acoustic pods are designed with comfort and style in mind, making them a highly attractive as well as incredibly useful addition to any workplace.


A two-seater Jensen Shelter

A two-seater Jensen Shelter

Perfect for meetings

As its name suggests, Lismark’s Retreat High Back Sofa uses a high-rise back and side arms to create a private workspace with the reduction of ambient noise. This design is perfect for businesses who want to make good use of the often under-used space at the edges of rooms with a back-to-back configuration of sofas facing each other. Adding a small table in the middle creates the perfect location for informal meetings and impromptu catch-ups.

A one-seat Jensen Shelter

A one-seat Jensen Shelter

A versatile acoustic pod solution

The chic Brix-Up Acoustic Seating Range also makes use of high acoustic surrounds to block unwanted noise and create a private space for solo work or collaboration. With a choice of single seater armchairs and two or three-seater sofas, Brix-Up can be mixed and matched to create the perfect acoustic area for your unique needs. A custom-made upholstered hood is also available for Brix-Up, which can be attached to the seating to provide extra privacy as and when it’s needed. You can also add a linking panel to create an acoustic pod unit with another sofa.

Brix-up high back sofa

A one-seat Jensen Shelter

Enhanced privacy

The stunning Jensen Shelter Acoustic Pod is a comfortable and stylish addition to any office. Featuring high acoustic side screens and an upholstered ceiling, this acoustic booth provides enhanced privacy for meetings, solo work and impromptu catch ups, both visually and acoustically.

Are soundproof acoustic pods available?

No. Acoustic pods are not designed to be fully soundproof. However, on entering any of our acoustic booths you’ll be struck by the marked reduction in general noise you can hear from the surrounding space. Equally importantly, the people around you will not be able to hear what you are saying inside the pod, which is an important factor when confidential conversations need to take place.

If total silence is required in at least one of your office pods, why not take a look at our range of Office Phone Booths, most of which are fully enclosed for private solo work?

What are the other benefits of acoustic pods?

Acoustic pods and booths are not only functional but can also add a serious style statement to any workplace, as well as enhancing employees’ productivity and wellbeing by offering a distraction-free environment.
All Lismark’s acoustic pods are offered in a huge range of fabrics and the choice of one or two-colour upholstery, making it easy to create a bespoke look to reflect your brand’s unique identity with your acoustic booths. Not only that, optional extras include desks, double power sockets and laptop tables.

What’s involved in acoustic booth installation?

Selecting and installing your new acoustic booths couldn’t be easier. Our experts are involved in every part of the process, from advising on the best options and booth placement for your workplace, to installation and even the removal of packaging.

To find out more about Lismark’s great range of acoustic booths, please call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill in our contact form.

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