Oct 6 23

Meeting Pods on wheels

Bill Meeting Pod on wheels

Meeting pods are a useful addition to any workplace. Comfortable and welcoming, they are a convenient space for impromptu meetings, team huddles and zoom calls.

Now, to make meeting pods even more useful and convenient, we have some meeting pods on wheels, that can be moved to wherever they are needed in the workplace.

Bob Meeting Pods on wheels

Bob Meeting Pods on wheels

Bob Meeting Pods on wheels

No nonsense and straightforward, the Bob Meeting Pod has a simple, clean aesthetic. It’s a great, mobile collaboration space, with optional power sockets. Choose from 2, 4 or 6 seaters, available in a wide range of great fabrics, including leather-look vinyl. With castors, the Bob can be moved to where it’s needed.

Bob Work Pod

Bob Work Pod on wheels

The Bob Workbooth may also be specified with wheels, which makes it easy to move around.

The Cabana Hut on wheels

The Cabana Hut on wheels

Cabana Upholstered Hut on wheels

The Cabana creates a mobile, flexible, and fun meeting zone for the modern office. Open sided, modular, and easy to move on lockable castors, the Cabana is one of the most flexible meeting spaces available.

Only available as a 2-seater, Cabana huts can be pushed together side-by-side, to make a larger pod to accommodate more people.

Bea Meeting Pods on wheels

Bea Meeting Pods on wheels

Bea Meeting Pods on wheels

The Bea has an attractive pitched roof, comfortable seating a built-in table, and LED lighting. Now available as a 2, 4 or 6-seater.

Bill Meeting Pods on wheels

Bill Meeting Pods on wheels

Bill Meeting Pods on wheels

Our Bill has a distinctive hexagonal shaped shell, with an acoustic surround and roof. Available as a 2, 4 or 6-seater.

For more information on how you can best use office pods to transform both the look and the productivity of your workspace, please get in touch with our office furniture experts. You can call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill in our contact form to find out more about our great range of office pods.


What colours do your office pods come in?  

All of our stylish office pods come in a wide choice of fantastic fabric colours and textures to suit all tastes and budgets. This includes recycled fabrics made from used plastic bottles, heavy duty spill-proof fabrics, as well as colourful vinyls for use in tougher situations.  

Can I have power sockets inside?  

Power sockets and monitor brackets can be added to the majority of our great range of meeting pods so that you can create an office meeting space set up for the tech you need to run your meetings smoothly. Built-in lighting also comes as standard with many of our enclosed office booths. Please remember to unplug any cables before you move your meeting pod on wheels.  

Are acoustic pods soundproof?  

Acoustic seating pods are not designed to be soundproof, however they do possess significant noise-reducing properties. Their high backs and sides combined with their noise-absorbing foam provide a peaceful space to concentrate where people in the surrounding office will not be able to hear what you are saying in the privacy of the pod. 

Jun 2 23

Collaboration chairs

jack meeting table in white

Our range of collaboration chairs are all designed with flexibility in mind. Use them in meeting rooms, offices spaces and anywhere in between, for team tasks, impromptu chats, and solo working.

EMMA Chair

Emma Hybrid Task Chair in White

Emma Hybrid Task Chair in White

Our brand-new Emma chair is here to prove that a jack-of-all-trades can be a master of all. Looks, features, function, comfort and more – there’s so much that Emma offers in a single, light-scale, ‘hybrid’ task chair, that it crosses over into new territory. So, when it is time to enable collaboration (wherever and whenever you need it), the Emma chair sits ready to provide a radical new way to work.

HOVVA Task Chair

Hovva task chair white yellow

The Hovva task chair pairs a smart, single-piece chair frame, in black or white, with a comfortable, supportive mesh back, to create a chair suitable for use throughout the working day, whatever the tasks ahead.


Rhuba Lite Task Chair, fully upholstered in grey fabric

Rhuba Lite Task Chair, fully upholstered in grey fabric

The Rhuba Lite Task Chair is designed to seamlessly compliment the modern-day workspace, easily integrating with a multitude of task seating. The Rhuba Lite is available with a choice of technical mesh or fully upholstered backrest.

CUBE Multi-Purpose Chair

jack meeting table in white

Cube chairs with a Jack Meeting Table and a Martin credenza

Our new Cube Multi-purpose Chair is a useful addition to your office seating portfolio. Use in your meeting space or conference room, the Cube is equally at home at a desk and for quick informal chats with colleagues.

With its free-floating back movement, the Cube follows your changes in posture throughout the day. Perfect for use in those long meetings (you know the ones!)

Flux Task Chair

Campus blue meeting table

Flux Chairs with a Campus blue laminate meeting table

Our Flux Task Chair is a great all-rounder. Perfect for occasional office work, the Flux is also at home in meeting spaces, around conference tables and for catching up with colleagues. Its compact footprint means that the Flux may be parked around the office, ready for action.

Black or white frames, grey mesh, or ribbed upholstery, with or without arms, black or polished base, specify the Flux Task Chair to suit your tastes.

Belle Mobile Stool

Belle mobile low stool green seat

Belle mobile low stool

I have put a stool in here – yes, you read that correctly!

Our new for 2023, Belle Mobile Stool is a funky alternative to your standard meeting chairs. Designed for dynamic sitting, it is easily moved to where required, due to its five recessed twin-wheeled castors.

The open body lets you keep bags, mobile devices, and personal items safe, and neat to hand.

Want to know more about any of our chairs (or the stool)?

3 ways to get in touch….

Mar 20 23

Added Privacy Meeting Pods

Bill meeting pod with a glass door

Our carefully selected Added Privacy Meeting Pods, are ideal for conversations and collaborations that need enhanced confidentiality. They allow you to offer confidential meeting spaces, which may be located in open-plan offices, reception spaces and breakout zones. Choose from five different meeting pods, in a wide variety of great colours, including fabrics made from recycled plastics.

Bob Meeting Pod with a glass door wall

The Bob Meeting Pod collection offers comfort and privacy in beautifully upholstered walls. The design, based on mobile devices, utilises large flat panels and soft rounded corners which not only look great but reduce and absorb sound. With a glass door wall on the front, the sound both outside to inside, and vice-versa, is reduced to a very feint, undecipherable mumble. Seating available for 2, 4 or 6 people.

Bob Meeting Pod

Four-seater Bob Meeting Pod with a glass door

Bea Meeting Pod with a glass door wall

Sister to the Bob range, the Bea collection utilises simple clean lines and deep soft cushions, to create an extremely comfortable and homely range of dens. The pitched roof gives Bea height, adding to the office landscape. The Bea seats 2, 4 or 6 people.

Bea meeting pod with a glass door

A 4-seat Bea meeting pod with a glass door

Bill Meeting Pod with a glass door wall

The Bill collection is an angular range of fully upholstered dens. The minimal lines of the Bill collection create comfort and a focal point for any interior. Bill is a great destination to encourage both collaboration and private work. Available to seat 2, 4 or 6 people.

Bill meeting pod with a glass door

A six-seat Bill Meeting Pod with a glass door

Jensen Hut Meeting Pod

For those looking for the ultimate in acoustic booths, with a even greater degree of privacy, the Jensen Hut provides the answer. It features a high acoustic surround, with the addition of a completely upholstered roof, to create a fully upholstered seating booth for 4 or 6 persons.

Jensen Hut

Jensen Hut Meeting Pod

Aura Meeting Pod

Aura Meeting Pods are sound absorbing, upholstered booths, that focus on the philosophy of creating a calm and collected space to work and collaborate. Whether you want a breakout area for employees, a calming place of concentration or simply an area to communicate with integrated media and power facilities, Aura has a solution. Available as a 2, 4 or 6-seat meeting booth, it features a sliding glass door for a more privacy.

Aura meeting pod

Aura meeting pod

Want to find out more?

To find out more about our added privacy meeting pods, simply give us a call on 0116 251 7741, or fill out this form , and we will be in touch by email. If you would like a quote, fill out this form and let us know which models you like.

Dec 5 22

What our customers are buying

Meeting pods

Here is a snapshot of the office furniture we have been selling, delivering and installing over the past few months. As well as desks and chairs, we have also seen an increase in demand for phone booths and meeting pods. Thank you to all our customers for their business.

Phone booths

Phone booths have really taken off in popularity during 2022. Shown here are our best-selling Penelope Phone Booths, upholstered in Agua Tones Rust fabric. These were installed in a co-working space in November 2022. The booths have lighting, ventilation and power sockets.

Phone booth Phone booth

Private Meetings

Privacy in the workplace has been another big theme this year. We installed two Jensen-Up Meeting Booths side-by-side in a company in High Wycombe. They are situated in a breakout zone, so can be used for meetings, private phone calls or just as a private place to relax.

Meeting pods

Different finishes

People are moving away from traditional desk colours like Beech and White with Silver legs. These DNA bench desks have been specified in Forest Oak with Black frames. The Forest Oak finish is unusual as it has a ‘rougher’ texture than traditional desk finishes.

DNA desks in forest oak with black legs

If we have tickled your fancy for some new, different furniture. please get in touch. Call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill out this quick form and we will be in touch.

Jul 6 21

6 great uses for an acoustic pod

using an acoustic pod

Noise disruptions, lack of privacy and low productivity are problems encountered in many workplaces. The acoustic pod, otherwise known as the privacy pod or meeting pod, is becoming more common in the office to rectify problems like this.

Acoustic pods give employees the opportunity to meet and work in a comfortable area without distractions. We’ve rounded up a few scenarios when having an acoustic pod in the office is the perfect solution.

Acoustic Pod

BRIX-UP Meeting Pod

1. Meeting Visitors in an Acoustic Pod

A meeting pod is ideal for getting together with visitors. This kind of pod can be placed anywhere that you have the space available including reception areas, breakout spaces, and even corridors if they are wide enough. Not only does this mean that guests don’t need to walk through your offices to get to meeting rooms, it also provides a more informal setting.

Acoustic Pod

Zen Meeting Pod

2. One-on-one meetings

A meeting pod with high acoustic sides and back panels can block out noise from the surroundings as well as keeping your conversations private. Whilst they won’t eliminate sound completely (so should not be used for confidential meetings) pods certainly provide more privacy than the open office. Fitted with a table, they are ideal for an informal, relaxed one-to-one catch up.

Acoustic Pod

Magna Meeting Pod

3. Video meetings

With video meetings becoming the new normal, having a quiet and professional-looking space to conduct them is a must. Fitted with a wall-mounted monitor and a webcam, a meeting pod is ideal for video meetings. Not only does a pod provide privacy, but it also means your meeting will be less disruptive to those working around you.

Harbour meeting booth

4. When all the meeting rooms are full

It’s frustrating, when you want to have an impromptu get-together with colleagues or visitors but all the meeting rooms are occupied. If you have a meeting pod available you can just pop in there and fire away. Some of our meeting pods can take up to six people, making them perfect for that spontaneous team brainstorming session!

Aura meeting pod

5. Private working away from the office

Need to get away from the buzz of the office to concentrate on a special project? Take your laptop, mobile or tablet and get yourself to a meeting pod. The acoustic sides cut through the noise and allow you to concentrate on the task in hand. You can also pair many acoustic pods with either a desk or a standalone laptop table, so working is comfortable and ergonomic.

6. A flexible working spot

With many companies choosing to be more flexible regarding when employees are needed in the office, we may be entering a time when having a fixed desk for every team member is not necessary. Acoustic pods work well as a desk option for staff who may just be dropping by the office to work for a short period. They can also work well as a meeting spot for teams who may no longer be sitting together on a regular basis.

Cavern 4-seater meeting pod

Cavern 4-seater meeting pod, beech exterior, blue interior & white table

Easy ways to buy acoustic pods

Whether you require an acoustic pod for meetings or as a quiet workspace for your employees, Lismark has a range of acoustic pods to help. We can also spread the cost over 3 years to make your purchase easier.

Ready to add acoustic pods to your office? Browse our full range of acoustic pods or give us a call on 0116 251 7741 to find out how our furniture specialists can help.

Acoustic Pod

Jensen-Up Meeting Pod

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