Jan 3 19

Our first installation of the Magna Meeting Pod

Magna Meeting Pod

We are very pleased to say that we have just completed the first installation of our new Magna Meeting Pod. This one was a four seater (2 + 2) upholstered in Camira Fabrics Positive X2 fabric.


The pod has the highest specification possible, featuring a tapered white laminate table with a silver column base, a monitor mounting bracket with cable access, a linking panel to link the two high back sofas together along with 2 x UK power/usb smart charger sockets built into the linking panel.


In this post, we take a look at what the business is using the meeting pod for, where it is positioned in the office and what their initial thoughts are. Have a read through their experience of buying a meeting pod and it might give you some inspiration for your workspace:

Prior approval

Following a meeting with the client, a coloured 3D render (shown below) of the new Magna Meeting Pod was produced so the client could confirm they were happy with the fabric colour and final appearance.


An order was then placed on the factory with a delivery lead time of three weeks. The delivery date and time was agreed with the client to be convenient for them.

Delivery and installation of the meeting pod

Delivery and installation commenced at 9.30am and finished just over an hour later at 11am, requiring only two fitters. I went along just to see how it all went together, of course!

We removed all packaging from the site and left the Magna Meeting Pod ready for the customer to use.

Where is the meeting pod used in the office?

The Magna Meeting Pod has been situated in a wide corridor which links two departments, not your usual space for a meeting room but an area which would otherwise have been unused and populated just by a couple of artificial plants.


What is the meeting pod used for?

The client has used the Magna Meeting Pod mostly for meetings so far, but also for one-to-ones, Skype meetings, solo working on mobile devices away from the office and informal get-togethers over a coffee. That’s the main benefit of the meeting pod; they’re a multi-use, versatile workspace.


Feedback to date has all been positive with the meeting pod in regular use when meeting rooms are unavailable. I have been back on site since the installation date and it was great to see four people using it to hold a meeting.


Within one hour of the completion of installation, my contact on site had received requests for pricing and for the meeting pod to be moved to several different departments so other people could try it.

Magna Meeting Pod costs

Compared to the cost of building a permanent meeting room to seat four to six people, adding power, heating, air conditioning and sprinklers, the Magna Meeting Pod is far more cost effective. Plus it can be easily taken apart and moved elsewhere in your organisation.

Have you considered leasing a meeting pod?

We are now also able to offer lease finance as an alternative way to paying upfront to purchase your meeting pods. Leasing is an increasingly popular funding option for businesses looking to purchase new office furniture. Spread the cost with monthly or quarterly payments, over 3 or 5 years.

If you are considering a meeting pod for your organisation get in touch for an informal chat or to arrange a meeting.

About the author

Mark Brown is an expert in office furniture and design and has spent over a decade offering organisations advice on setting up office spaces to enhance productivity. Mark is the owner of Lismark Office Products, a high-quality Leicester based office furniture supplier.

Oct 4 18

7 Benefits of Office Breakout Areas

Box-It Breakout

The office breakout area has become a phenomenon that has taken over workspaces across the UK. These areas with comfortable chairs matched with informal tables are a contemporary way to create a modern space that fulfils multiple requirements.

Although they’re becoming more popular, why should your company provide a comfortable, welcoming, breakout rest area for your staff? Here are 7 benefits worth considering:

Get staff away from their desks

Break the cycle of being at a desk for 8 hours a day. Standing up and walking away to a different space instantly makes you feel better before you have even taken your break. Very often, you will return to your desk with new ideas as the rest will have left you refreshed.

Brix-Up Meeting Pod

Brix-Up Meeting Pod

Extra workspace

When not being used for lunches and breaks, the modern breakout furniture of today can provide valuable extra workspace for staff away from their desk utilising mobile working on tablets, laptops and smartphones. Comfortable sofas and armchairs and the latest office privacy pods are ideal for when you need a space to sit and think away from the office.

Likewise, breakout high tables are ideal for getting on with work away from the buzz of the office.

Box It Landscape

Box It Landscape


A great breakout area can become the hub of your business. Staff from different departments, who wouldn’t normally meet up, can meet, mingle, gossip, laugh, swap ideas and relax and refresh together. This improved interaction can encourage better cooperation between departments.

Margin Coffee Tables shown with an Urban sofa

Greeting visitors

A breakout area can be the ideal space to meet up with visitors. The soft seating and easy access to drinks and refreshments gives a more relaxed vibe to any meeting or get together that you may have. Much more welcoming and friendly than using a meeting room.

Box-it high table

Box-it high table

Show staff that you care

A great breakout area with comfortable seating, great looking tables and stylish soft seating can show staff that you care about their welfare, both at their desks and away from them. Going that extra mile with your breakout space can aid staff retention and help to attract new employees.

Huddle Cave

Huddle Cave


Use your breakout area for staff collaboration. Getting together over coffee and pastries for a team meeting can break the cycle of going into a meeting room. It’s also more friendly and relaxing, hopefully encouraging staff to share new ideas and insights.

Urban Sofa

Urban Sofa

Relaxing space

This one is stating the obvious but your breakout area will be a relaxing space away from the office. After all, who wants to eat their lunch looking at a computer?

Urban Sofa

Urban Sofa

Buy office breakout area furniture

Whether you want your breakout space to be used for meetings, brainstorming, or just act as a space for staff to relax in, there is plenty of breakout furniture available to choose from.  Chairs, stools, tables and even benches can be used to create a breakout space to suit the style and size of your office.

Take a look at our breakout furniture collection for offices here.

About the author

Mark Brown is an expert in office furniture and design and has spent over a decade offering organisations advice on setting up office spaces to enhance productivity. Mark is the owner of Lismark Office Products, a high-quality office furniture supplier.

Sep 6 18

Our Top 10 Office Furniture Summer Best Sellers


We have had a brilliant summer for both weather and sales. Here are our 10 most popular office furniture products this summer:


Oblique Office Furniture Bench Desks

Our Oblique bench desks have been our bestselling desk range over the past 3 months. Different clients have all opted for the all-white finish with its clean looks and simple cable management.


Martin Office Furniture Desks

Getting our biggest order for Martin desks since they were launched, the client required Martin bench desk to aid collaboration between staff members. The managers had individual desks with a bespoke circular meeting end. Yet again, the client chose white matt-laminate tops but this time with Oak timber legs.

Visual Desk

Visual Office Furniture Desks

The largest desking order over the summer came for Visual desks in a special smoky grey colour with silver legs. Simple to specify and build, the Visual range desks are ideal for companies that are constantly growing and expanding.


Nexus Modular Soft Seating

Perfect for receptions and breakout spaces, the Nexus was a new addition to our portfolio this year.  Utilising simple, clean lines, the different seating units come without arms, with a left or right hand arm or as an armchair. Suitable for any reception or breakout area where comfortable soft seating is required.


DNA Meeting Tables

Customers looking for distinctive meeting tables went for our DNA meeting table range with its curved legs frames and wide range of sizes and shapes. Most popular were 1200 mm circular to seat 4 people and 3400 x 1400 mm boat shaped to seat up to 14 people. Again, white tops with white legs were the most popular choice.

Cube and Flux Chairs:

A new trend we’ve seen is the use of occasional task chairs around meeting tables. Our Cube and Flux chairs are versatile, occasional task chairs, with a reduced footprint. This makes them very space efficient in any meeting space, allowing the maximum capacity of seating possible.


Fusion Modular Soft Seating:

The older, bigger brother of the Nexus seating mentioned above, the Fusion is a larger, blockier, modular soft seating option. The Fusion  consists of no arm units, left or right arm units, corner units and armchairs.

Tambour Cupboard Storage

Buyers are opting for tambour units as opposed to two door units. What is the most popular colour? White carcass with white doors of course!


Vibe Managers Chair

Our most popular Managers chair this summer was the Vibe Managers Chair . Buyers opted for the high back version fitted with height adjustable arms and a polished metal base. Blazer fabric was the choice of most buyers for the upholstery as it is made from 100% pure new wool for a luxurious feel.

About the author

Mark Brown is an expert in office furniture and design and has spent over a decade offering organisations advice on setting up office spaces to enhance productivity. Mark is the owner of Lismark Office Products, a high-quality office furniture supplier.

Aug 16 18

Office furniture that makes any office look modern

DNA bench desks

If you feel that your office needs a refresh to attract new staff and clients what’s out there to achieve your aims? I’ve come up with 10 options of modern office furniture that would improve the look of any work place. .


1. Martin Work Table

Our work places are changing so much. We don’t sit at a desk for 8 hours a day anymore, we have adapted a versatile, agile work practices that lead to better collaboration and communication between staff. The Martin Work Table was designed to encourage your staff to work better together across a variety of tasks. Its adaptability means that the Martin can be used as desks for solo working, as a table for collaborating with colleagues or even catching up over coffee and cake.

The thought behind the Martin is complemented by its finish. Tops in Oak or Walnut veneer or in a Matt White or Matt Black look effortlessly cool along with smart timber legs and slim chamfered edges. Cable access panels down the centre of the table may be upholstered in fabric or specified in black or white Perspex.


2. Icon Mesh Back Chair

Our Icon mesh back task chair with a white frame stands out from the crowd. Complemented by a white base, and white accented height adjustable arms, you can choose to upholster the seat in any of our huge portfolio of fabrics to suit all tastes. With an mechanism that automatically adjusts to the user, the Icon is clever as well as smart.


3. DNA Meeting Table

The DNA meeting table is a design that will impress staff and clients alike. Sexy, curved leg frames in white, black, silver or chrome go alongside table tops in mfc, laminates and veneers. Choose from circular, rectangular and boat shaped tables to suit your meeting and conference spaces.

Campus High Meeting Table

4. Campus High Meeting Table

How can we make meetings more modern and forward-thinking, let alone more interesting? How about mixing things up with our Campus High Meeting Table? With a table top at a height of 1050 mm having a meeting is a new experience. More fun, more energy, friendlier, more and more people are opting for high meeting tables. See our blog for how delighted one of our customers is with her high meeting table.

Staff can sit on high stools or stand up. That also means that you can get more people round a table that you could if they were all sitting down. Meetings tend to be quicker at a high table because people aren’t settled in for the day.

ADAPT sit stand desk

5. Oblique Adapt Sit/Stand Desks

An up and coming trend I’m sure most of you have heard about are sit-stand desks. Dynamic movements and varying posture throughout the working day are very important to our continuing health and employing a sit/stand desk can contribute to this. There no special science about it, you just go from sitting down to standing up whilst working when you feel like it. Our Oblique Adapt range has single desks and bench desks depending on your office requirements.

Martin meeting table

6. Martin bench seats and stools

Instead of specifying meeting chairs around your meeting, boardroom or conference table, why not have a selection of Martin low benches and stools to give your meeting space a softer, more comfortable environment. You will soon see that staff and clients feel differently about meetings. Plus the Martin benches and stools are easy to move around your office space to provide impromptu seating when and where it is required.


7. V-Smart Task Chair

My next choice is a chair that is nearly 20 years old. The V-Smart task chair has stood the test of time with a design that still looks fresh, especially with the white frame. It has a revolutionary action that senses your weight and automatically adjusts the level of support to suit you. The only adjustments on the chair are seat height and seat tilt and as a consequence there are no ugly levers. The V-Smart is clever in terms of design and ease of use.


8. Foundry Shelves

The Foundry Shelving range is bang up to date with the Industrial look that more and more offices are adapting today. Cleverly designed and made from rebar, the reinforced steel bars commonly found in concrete, The Foundry Shelves can be used for storage, to display items, but also employed as room dividers whilst still letting light flood the whole room.

Foundry Giant Table

9. Foundry Giant Table

And to complement your Foundry Shelves how about the Foundry Giant Table? Available in the very large diameters of 1800 mm and 2100 mm, the Foundry Giant Table has an amazing concrete effect laminate top featuring a metal strip across the centre of the top housing a circular power module. The power module gives you convenient power for your laptops, tablets and other devices during meetings or even while browsing the internet nursing a coffee. Plus you can have the rebar base specified in your choice of a wide range of RAL colours.

Jensen Hut

10. Jensen Hut

Finally, how about a quiet workspace within your workplace? The Jensen Hut is the ultimate in acoustic meeting pods with an even greater degree of privacy. The Jensen Hut features two soft seating sofas with a high acoustic surround and the addition of an upholstered roof to create a fully upholstered seating/meeting pod booth for up to six people. Add lighting, tables and the ability to mount a monitor to the interior and you have the ultimate meeting, collaboration and presentation space. It also makes for a fantastic talking point that will catch the eye of colleagues and clients.

About the author

Mark Brown is an expert in office furniture and design and has spent over a decade offering organisations advice on setting up office spaces to enhance productivity. Mark is the owner of Lismark Office Products, a high-quality office furniture supplier.



Aug 2 18

10 Ways To Use A Worktable

Martin Bench Roomset

Martin Bench Desks

A Worktable is more than just a glorified meeting table. It is designed to be multi-purpose, encompassing a wide variety of tasks to suit many different areas of your business. A good Worktable can become a real community hub in your workplace. Here are 10 reasons that you may find one useful:

Hot Desking:

The Verco Martin Worktable is perfect for hot desking. Park yourself anywhere around the Martin on any of the mixture of task chairs, upholstered bench seats or low stools. There is easy access to power and data which is housed in the easy to access cable tray in the middle of the Martin Worktable. Just lift up one of the cable access panels and plug in.

Martin Bench Desks


Of course the Martin Worktable is ideal for small or large meetings. Using low stools and benches gives you versatile seating options to get the most people around your table.

Martin Bench Desks

Solo working:

The Martin Worktable is a great place to get away from your desk when you really need to concentrate.

Martin Bench Desks


Working on a team project is easy on a Martin Worktable. Just get your colleagues away from their desks and all together around the Martin with plenty of space to work and lay out papers.

Martin Bench Desks


The Martin Worktable is great for lunch times, break times, in fact any time when you want to get away from the workplace to relax and refresh.

Martin table

Video conferencing:

Put a monitor on the wall to enable to Martin Worktable to become part of your video conferencing suite.

Martin meeting table

Impromptu meetings:

Fancy a quick chat but no meeting rooms are free? Get around the Martin Worktable and start working out how to seize the day.

Martin meeting table

Meeting visitors:

Why take a meeting room up to meet and greet visitors. Just stop by the coffee machine on the way to your Martin Worktable and sit yourselves down.

Informal meetings:

Using the variety of stools and benches gives meetings and get-togethers around the Martin Worktable a more relaxed vibe. Great for getting the best out of colleagues.

Compiling a blog on your laptop, tablet or mobile:

Where do you think I wrote this blog post then?

Number eleven…

is for you to come up with your own ways to use Martin Worktable.

About the author

Mark Brown is an expert in office furniture and design and has spent over a decade offering organisations advice on setting up office spaces to enhance productivity. Mark is the owner of Lismark Office Products, a high-quality office furniture supplier.

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