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7 Benefits of Office Breakout Areas

Box-It Breakout

The office breakout area has become a phenomenon that has taken over workspaces across the UK. These areas with comfortable chairs matched with informal tables are a contemporary way to create a modern space that fulfils multiple requirements.

Although they’re becoming more popular, why should your company provide a comfortable, welcoming, breakout rest area for your staff? Here are 7 benefits worth considering:

Get staff away from their desks

Break the cycle of being at a desk for 8 hours a day. Standing up and walking away to a different space instantly makes you feel better before you have even taken your break. Very often, you will return to your desk with new ideas as the rest will have left you refreshed.

Brix-Up Meeting Pod

Brix-Up Meeting Pod

Extra workspace

When not being used for lunches and breaks, the modern breakout furniture of today can provide valuable extra workspace for staff away from their desk utilising mobile working on tablets, laptops and smartphones. Comfortable sofas and armchairs and the latest office privacy pods are ideal for when you need a space to sit and think away from the office.

Likewise, breakout high tables are ideal for getting on with work away from the buzz of the office.

Box It Landscape

Box It Landscape


A great breakout area can become the hub of your business. Staff from different departments, who wouldn’t normally meet up, can meet, mingle, gossip, laugh, swap ideas and relax and refresh together. This improved interaction can encourage better cooperation between departments.

Margin Coffee Tables shown with an Urban sofa

Greeting visitors

A breakout area can be the ideal space to meet up with visitors. The soft seating and easy access to drinks and refreshments gives a more relaxed vibe to any meeting or get together that you may have. Much more welcoming and friendly than using a meeting room.

Box-it high table

Box-it high table

Show staff that you care

A great breakout area with comfortable seating, great looking tables and stylish soft seating can show staff that you care about their welfare, both at their desks and away from them. Going that extra mile with your breakout space can aid staff retention and help to attract new employees.

Huddle Cave

Huddle Cave


Use your breakout area for staff collaboration. Getting together over coffee and pastries for a team meeting can break the cycle of going into a meeting room. It’s also more friendly and relaxing, hopefully encouraging staff to share new ideas and insights.

Urban Sofa

Urban Sofa

Relaxing space

This one is stating the obvious but your breakout area will be a relaxing space away from the office. After all, who wants to eat their lunch looking at a computer?

Urban Sofa

Urban Sofa

Buy office breakout area furniture

Whether you want your breakout space to be used for meetings, brainstorming, or just act as a space for staff to relax in, there is plenty of breakout furniture available to choose from.  Chairs, stools, tables and even benches can be used to create a breakout space to suit the style and size of your office.

Take a look at our breakout furniture collection for offices here.

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