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10 Ways To Use An Office Privacy Pod

Jensen Hut

Nautilus meeting pod

Office privacy pods are becoming extremely popular among forward thinking workplaces.  Often the main reasons for buying an office privacy pod are either for staff well-being or to use modern office furniture to freshen up the look and feel of a workplace.  Whatever your great reason for looking into ordering office privacy pods, here are our top 10 ways to use make the best use of yours:

Brix-Up Meeting Pod

Meetings in an Office Privacy Pod:

An Office Privacy Pod is a great alternative to a traditional meeting room. The comfortable upholstered seating gives the meeting a more relaxed vibe and the acoustic properties of the Office Privacy Pod mean that you and your colleagues won’t be overheard.

Harbour meeting booth

A different type of coffee pod:

Use the Office Privacy Pod to catch up with colleagues over a cup of coffee and maybe a little snack? Choose an Office Privacy Pod for the ultimate convenience.

Eden Acoustic Pod

Solo office working:

You knew when you just have to get away from your desk to concentrate on that special project, well the Office Privacy Pod is the perfect place. Its high sides mean that no-one can look over your shoulder to see what you are working on.

Aura meeting pod

Informal office meetings:

Gather colleagues for quick catch-up about a work project. No need to book a meeting room which are always full anyway.

Jensen Shelter


Always good to spread the word about the latest office gossip. If anyone asks call it team building. Plus you won’t be overheard due to the Office Privacy Pod acoustics.

Jensen Up acoustic sofa

Watching the World Cup in private:

Some of our Office Privacy Pods have the option to mount a monitor on the inside. Just don’t cheer too loudly. C’mon England!!!

Meeting visitors in reception:

Rather than taking visitors on a long walk through your work place to the meeting room, which not place an Office Privacy Pod in your reception space so you can greet visitors more conveniently and chat with them in private.

Video conferencing:

Choose one of our Office Privacy Pods with the option to mount a monitor on the inside to enable video conferencing.

Private phone calls in a office privacy pod:

We often see colleagues wandering around the workplace with a phone clamped to their ear trying to find the perfect place to talk in private. Why not just pop into your Office Privacy Pod for the ultimate in comfort, privacy and convenience.

Cavern 4-seater meeting pod

Cavern 4-seater meeting pod, beech exterior, blue interior & white table

Writing away from office distractions:

Compiling a blog on your laptop, tablet or mobile -where do you think I wrote this blog post then?

Meeting pods

Advice about ordering office privacy pods

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