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10 Ways To Use A Worktable

Martin Bench Roomset

Martin Bench Desks

A Worktable is more than just a glorified meeting table. It is designed to be multi-purpose, encompassing a wide variety of tasks to suit many different areas of your business. A good Worktable can become a real community hub in your workplace. Here are 10 reasons that you may find one useful:

Hot Desking:

The Verco Martin Worktable is perfect for hot desking. Park yourself anywhere around the Martin on any of the mixture of task chairs, upholstered bench seats or low stools. There is easy access to power and data which is housed in the easy to access cable tray in the middle of the Martin Worktable. Just lift up one of the cable access panels and plug in.

Martin Bench Desks


Of course the Martin Worktable is ideal for small or large meetings. Using low stools and benches gives you versatile seating options to get the most people around your table.

Martin Bench Desks

Solo working:

The Martin Worktable is a great place to get away from your desk when you really need to concentrate.

Martin Bench Desks


Working on a team project is easy on a Martin Worktable. Just get your colleagues away from their desks and all together around the Martin with plenty of space to work and lay out papers.

Martin Bench Desks


The Martin Worktable is great for lunch times, break times, in fact any time when you want to get away from the workplace to relax and refresh.

Martin table

Video conferencing:

Put a monitor on the wall to enable to Martin Worktable to become part of your video conferencing suite.

Martin meeting table

Impromptu meetings:

Fancy a quick chat but no meeting rooms are free? Get around the Martin Worktable and start working out how to seize the day.

Martin meeting table

Meeting visitors:

Why take a meeting room up to meet and greet visitors. Just stop by the coffee machine on the way to your Martin Worktable and sit yourselves down.

Informal meetings:

Using the variety of stools and benches gives meetings and get-togethers around the Martin Worktable a more relaxed vibe. Great for getting the best out of colleagues.

Compiling a blog on your laptop, tablet or mobile:

Where do you think I wrote this blog post then?

Number eleven…

is for you to come up with your own ways to use Martin Worktable.

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