Connect Acoustic Meeting Booth

Your Private Oasis in the Open Office

Escape the noise and unlock focused collaboration with the Connect Acoustic Meeting Booth. Able to seat up to 4 people in comfort, this sleek, modern pod offers the perfect blend of privacy, technology, and comfort, making it ideal for confidential conversations, brainstorming sessions, or focused individual work.

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Connect Acoustic Meeting Pod

Connect Acoustic Meeting Pod

Key Features:

Uninterrupted Privacy: Enjoy superior soundproofing with our premium acoustic materials, blocking out surrounding noise and ensuring your conversations remain confidential.

Effortless Lighting & Ventilation: Motion-sensor activated LED lighting automatically illuminates the booth upon entry, while the integrated ventilation system provides fresh air circulation, keeping you comfortable throughout your meeting.

Seamless Convenience: The auto-close door ensures efficient use and eliminates the need for manual adjustments, allowing you to seamlessly transition between meetings.

Modern Design: The space-grey exterior with grey interior walls and black carpet creates a sophisticated and stylish ambiance, complementing any office environment.

Spacious Interior: With dimensions of 2200mm x 1250mm x 2180mm, the Connect comfortably accommodates up to 4 people, providing ample space for meetings or individual work.

Connect Acoustic Meeting Pod

Connect Acoustic Meeting Pod


Increased Productivity: Minimize distractions and maximize focus with a dedicated quiet space.

Improved Collaboration: Foster open communication and creative thinking in a private setting.

Enhanced Wellbeing: Create a comfortable and relaxing environment for individual work or team meetings.

Modern Aesthetics: Elevate your office design with a sleek and stylish pod.

Invest in the Connect Acoustic Meeting Booth and transform your open office into a hub of productivity and collaboration.

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