Atom Meeting Pods

Have you been looking for a meeting pod with a little bit extra? Something different and tailored to your exact needs? Our Atom Meeting Pods, by Boss Design, are comprised of a modular system that lets you create a bespoke meeting pod solution to suit your exact requirements, your available space and the number of people you wish to accommodate.

If you have been searching for a special pod then the Atom Meeting Pods could be the solution you have been looking for.

How to order
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Atom Meeting Pods

10-seater Ellipse Atom Meeting Pod

How do the Atom Meeting Pods work?

Using a selection of curved and straight high backed, modular seating units, the Atom meeting Pods can be tailored bespoke to your exact requirements. The images shown on this page are simply sample configurations. If you have read this far you must be looking for a particular requirement, so please get in touch. 

Atom Meeting Pods

10-seater Circular Atom Meeting Pod

Quality and strength

The Atom Meeting Pods seating units are built with a compressed foam seat at a 450 mm seat height to provide an ergonomically-sound working posture to be able to work at standard 720-740 mm high meeting tables. The moulded backs have an integral steel framework.

Atom Meeting Pods

4-seat Atom Meeting Pod


The Atom Meeting Pods are available in a wide variety of great fabric colours to suit all work places, tastes. Please get in touch for details.

Atom Meeting Pods

13-seater ‘Shepherds Crook’ Atom Meeting Pod

Delivery and installation

Our specialist team will take full care of the delivery and installation taking all the worry away from you. We will even take away all of the packaging. Please note, once your Atom Meeting Pod is in position, it is not meant to be moved as the units are fixed together firmly.

Atom Meeting Pods

8-seater ‘Arch’ Atom Meeting Pod and table

Want to know more….

Then get in touch. Please give us a call on 0116 251 7741 or fill out this short form and we will be in touch.

Atom Meeting Pods

10-seater Ellipse Meeting Pod

Any other meeting pods?

Yeah sure, take a look at our other meeting pods right here. 

Atom Meeting Pods

8-seater U-Shape Atom Meeting Pod

Atom Meeting Pods

9-seat ‘Horseshoe’ Atom Meeting Pod

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