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Elevating workspaces: office pods for ultimate productivity


In today’s open plan work environment, private office spaces are still required to offer employees the opportunity to meet or work without interruptions from the surrounding environment. In the modern office, quiet pods are an increasingly popular choice for providing an alternative space to work, reflect and collaborate.

The rise of office pods

When it comes to innovative office furniture solutions for the modern office, it’s hard to beat work pods for a flexible, practical and attractive workspace. This is why more and more businesses of all sizes are adopting them for use in main offices, breakout areas and even to make the most of wide corridor space.

Work pods offer employees a comfortable and functional space to concentrate on uninterrupted individual work or to hold meetings with colleagues and clients. They range from solo office pods in a choice of colours and heights such as Lismark’s Bee Solo Work Pod, to luxury office pods like the Bill Meeting Pod, with its comfortable upholstery, striking design and capacity for up to six people.

Bee Solo Work Pod

Bee Solo Work Pod with a 1215 mm panel height

Bill Meeting Pod

Bill 4-seater Meeting Pod with an end wall and lighting

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Design and functionality

Office pods offer a range of features that align with modern requirements and improve the overall efficiency of the workplace. While many office pods are not designed to be soundproof, the physical and auditory barrier they provide offers both a visual and a sound barrier. Lismark’s Retreat High Back Sofa does a great job of creating a private seating area and is available as a solo pod or to seat up to three. Like many of our other office pods, these stylish and practical work pods can be placed back-to-back, creating multiple private workstations where space is at a premium. Or alternatively, placing them face-to-face paired with our laptop table, creates an instant private meeting space for groups ranging from two to six.


Retreat High Back Sofas

Many of our popular office pods, such as the Dennis Work Pod are not designed to be moved. However, we now also offer a wide range of office pods with castors, which give businesses the option to change their office layout without compromising on quality. Offering the ultimate in flexibility, The Cabana Mobile Meeting Pod can be easily moved to wherever it is needed and it’s eye-catching design, available in a wide range of fabrics, means it looks great in any setting.


Dennis work pod with no seat

Boosting concentration and focus

In the modern workplace, stress reduction is always an important goal. By installing office pods, a calm environment is created to reduce ambient noise and block out visual distractions, while providing a comfortable space to work. In particular, office phone booths offer a private space to hold confidential conversations or make an important sales call. With its soundproofing materials, automatic lighting, built-in charging and ventilation, The Milli Phone Booth is the perfect environment to focus on the task in hand. Alternatively, the Milli Work Pod is ideal for seated work and video calls.

Milli power sockets

Milli power sockets

Creating a comfortable work atmosphere

When it comes to office pod design, comfort is key. All of the furniture Lismark supplies is designed with employee health in mind and our work pods are no exception. These days all employers are aware of their legal obligation to provide an ergonomically suitable desk chair for staff, but this level of attention is not always extended to other office furniture. Lismark’s acoustic pods such as the Brix-Up Acoustic Seating Range is designed with high acoustic surrounds to provide comfort and support as well as noise reduction, while upholstered arm cushions add extra comfort and a luxury feel.

Brix-up high back sofa

Brix-up high back sofa

Collaborative office spaces

Office pods provide privacy while also allowing for collaboration and communication between team members for activities such as brainstorming sessions, which can take place without disturbing others in the office. By bringing people together in a comfortable and functional space, office pods create an environment where teams can work together towards a common goal. Most of the office pods we supply are available in various heights and sizes, with work pods such as the Jensen Hut Meeting Pod available to accommodate six people comfortably.

Jensen Hut

Jensen Hut

Creating a productive workspace with office pods

For more information on office pods and other flexible office solutions for a productive workplace, please contact our office furniture experts. Call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill in our contact form to find out more about our fantastic selection of work pods.


What colours do your office pods come in?

All of our stylish office pods come in a wide choice of fantastic fabric colours and textures to suit all tastes and budgets. This includes recycled fabrics made from used plastic bottles, heavy duty spill-proof fabrics, as well as colourful vinyls for use in tougher situations. 

Can I have power sockets inside?  

Power sockets and monitor brackets can be added to the majority of our great range of meeting pods so that you can create an office meeting space set up for the tech you need to run your meetings smoothly. Built-in lighting also comes as standard with many of our enclosed office booths. Please remember to unplug any cables before you move your meeting pod on wheels.

Are acoustic pods soundproof? 

Acoustic seating pods are not designed to be soundproof, however they do possess significant noise-reducing properties. Their high backs and sides combined with their noise-absorbing foam provide a peaceful space to concentrate where people in the surrounding office will not be able to hear what you are saying in the privacy of the pod.

Can I move my office pod? 

Due to their quality, most of our office pods are sturdy and heavy pieces of furniture that are not designed to be moved. If you have an existing pod that you would like to relocate, please get in touch with us and we can advise on the best course of action. If you anticipate that you may want to move an office pod in the future, why not take a look at our pods with optional castor wheels such as the neat and compact Bob Work Pod?

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