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Maximising office space with seating pods


In the modern office, seating pods can play a key role. This is especially the case in open-plan and hotdesking working environments where staff often need an alternative to the traditional desk or meeting room to work or collaborate with others.

What is a seating pod?

Put simply work seating pods are designed to slot into the space you already have available to create an office within an office for solo or collaborative work. Here at Lismark, we supply a huge range of stylish and high-quality office pods to seat between 2 and 6, in a vast selection of fabrics and finishes that you can tailor to represent your brand.

Whether you’re looking for a solo work pod, a meeting pod, a fully enclosed acoustic seating pod or an office phone booth with seating, we have the right solution for you.

Please get in touch with our office furniture experts today, to find out more about the best solution for your business.

Benefits of seating pods

Office seating pods have many benefits, including the following:


When the deadline for a complicated project is looming or a confidential conversation needs to take place, office pods offer the perfect environment to work in privacy without having to seek out an alternative location away from the main office. The pared-down good looks of the Hem Solo Work Pod offers a compact space to get on with the task in hand, while the Aura Meeting Pod with a sliding glass door provides a comfortable, modern and completely private environment for meetings of up to six people.

Hem Solo Work Booth

Available with a left-hand or right-hand opening

Aura Meeting Pods

Aura Meeting Pods


Whether it’s getting to end of a time-consuming report or brainstorming ideas for a creative pitch, employees work better when their needs are being met in the environment around them. With its built-in table, chair, LED light, carpet, ceiling fan, acoustic panels and magnetic door, the Clara Phone Booth offers everything your staff need to get through a long to-do list in comfort and style. Alternatively, the Bruce Meeting Pod gives your team the perfect place to collaborate to come up with that next big idea. Choose from an open-sided version or closed-fronted for added privacy.

Clara Phone Booth with a cork exterior

Clara Phone Booth with a cork exterior

Bruce 4-seat open-fronted meeting pod

Bruce 4-seat open-fronted meeting pod


All of our seating pods are designed with employee wellbeing in mind. From the sound-dampening panels on our Acoustic Seating Pods to the comfortable upholstery across the whole range, shifting in an uncomfortable chair during a long meeting is a thing of the past. As well as accommodating your team in comfort, our seating pods make a style statement in your workplace too. Our extensive range of stylish upholstery options means you can choose the perfect colour scheme too.

Camira Rivet

Camira Rivet

A versatile option

Another great plus point when it comes to seating pods is their versatility. Adding them to your workspace can open out areas that have previously been underused. And don’t forget to think beyond the office – seating pods are a great option for break out areas, receptions or even in wide corridors.

While some of our office pods are not designed to be moved, we supply several ultra flexible options on castors, such as the stunning Cabana Mobile Meeting Pod so that you can easily move your seating pod wherever it’s needed, whenever it’s needed.

Cabana Mobile Meeting Pod

Cabana Mobile Meeting Pod

The right seating pod for you

The office pod you ultimately decide on will depend on many factors including your space, team size, budget, the nature of your business and any plans for future expansion of your company. Once you’ve browsed our fantastic range of seating, our expert team will be able to advise further on the perfect office seating pods for you. Also, with reliable lead times and our unpacking, assembly and package removal service, you can look forward to a high-quality service as well as a high-quality new addition to your office environment.

For more information about our large range of seating pods and other fantastic office furniture designed to enhance the modern office, please get in touch. You can call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill in our contact form.

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