Modular office seating

Modular office seating can be used to create an engaging work, breakout or reception area. The nature of modular sofas and seats means they can be fitted together in several combinations so you can maximise the amount of seating in the space available.

Providing the perfect solution for an office, modular seating can be arranged to create collaborative spaces for meetings, private nooks for when employees need to focus, or comfortable and stylish break areas for relaxing.

Lismark provides an extensive selection of modular sofas, chairs, and tables in a range of fabrics and finishes. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you build your perfect modular seating setup.

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Benefits of modular office seating


Most modular seating is designed with comfort in mind thanks to its use in breakout and reception areas. Plush cushioning, high backs and curved designs feature frequently across the ranges we provide. Putting staff comfort first is a great contributor to overall employee happiness and providing comfortable seating, whether that be at the desk or in a break area, is an ideal way to achieve this.

Fits where conventional furniture cannot

Encore Modular High Back Seating

Because it can be fitted together in so many combinations, modular furniture is the ideal solution if you struggle to fit conventional furniture into your space or simply if you want to create something unique. It often features middle and end pieces, smaller single pieces that make up a larger row or island, or individual styles of seat that fit together as a set. Because of this you can have as few or as many pieces combined to provide the seating you need in the space you have.

Highly customisable

It’s not just the shape and size of a modular office seating setup that can be customised. The ranges we stock come in a vast selection of fabrics and colour options. Combine colours for a bright breakout space, match your brand palette for a consistent style throughout your office or opt for neutrals for a relaxing reception or breakout area. Some ranges even have the option of adding power sockets for the charging of mobile devices.

Easy to rearrange

Although the modular products we offer are high quality, they can be moved easily and rearranged as desired. This means you can shift from individual working islands to a collaborative meeting space in minutes, without the need to buy and store more furniture. It also means that if you want a change of layout or are moving office altogether, they can be repositioned, making modular furniture a smart and cost-effective investment.

Can be used to divide or join up a room

If you’re renting office space, then modular furniture can be a fantastic way to break up a large open space into sections without using bulky dividers or temporary walls. High back options in particular can give the feel of separation and privacy. On the other hand, if you want a space where interdepartmental meetings or breaks can be held, modular seating can be a great way to draw the office together.

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