Anna Modular Seating

Our offices are changing with a reduction in desks, being replaced by a new softer feel for the workplace. Soft seating is being used for breakout areas, informal meeting places and occasional workspaces.

Our Anna Modular Seating provides comfortable, shared seating, allowing relaxation, collaboration and work to take place.

Accessible, under-seat, or in-table power is available, wherever required. Robust, convenient, mini-tables provide a place for mobile devices, a coffee or a notebook to be rested.

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Anna Modular Seating

The Anna Modular Seating collection….

Provides plenty of opportunity to create a variety of comfortable, versatile and inspirational spaces. Colleagues can sit, collaborate, contemplate or just chat in luxurious comfort. Anna allows individuals to choose where they work and who they interact with, depending on the task and their workload. Anna can adapt to meet their needs whatever and wherever they are.

Anna Modular Seating

Modular, linear with a simple aesthetic and a visually light structure

Anna worksofas offer a comfortable and ergonomic seating experience, while making it possible to combine sofas units with seating benches, corner units, loose tables and occasional chairs to create the space that you need in today’s workplace.

Anna Modular Seating

With the help of high-speed mobile technology and easy access to power, people can work anywhere. The Anna worksofa collection can provide a versatile workplace for individuals and for teams of people. Practical facilities, including mini-tables, armrests and easily accessible power modules can provide everyone with a comfy, ergonomic workplace away from the workstation.

Anna Modular Seating

Seating units available

Sofa units with a backrest: Choose from one, two or three seaters and a linking corner unit.

Bench units with no backrest: Choose from one, two or three seaters and a linking corner unit.

Anna Modular Seating

Optional accessories

  • Opt to have an upholstered armrest for extra comfort and to delineate seperate seats.
  • Choose a mini-table which is set betwen seats for added convenience and a place to rest devices or a coffee.
  • You can have a full size table in place of a seat
  • Power sockets, choose from an ‘in-table’ wireless, flip-up or standard module or an under-seat module.

Anna Modular Seating

Delivery and installation

You don’t need to worry about that. We deliver and install our Anna Modular Seating to your required location. We then unwrap and take away all the packaging so the Anna is ready for you to use.

Delivery lead time:

Our Anna Modular Seating is on a 3 to 4 week lead time. After you have placed your order we give you a call to thank you for your order, and in due course, we arrange a delivery date and time that is convenient for you.

Anna Modular Seating

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