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Why sit stand desks are a game changer in the modern office


With hybrid working patterns and hot-desking in communal workspaces becoming increasingly common, the long-established pattern of each employeee being allocated the same desk to work at all day, five days a week is increasingly becoming a thing of the past.

Not only that, those who do sit at the same desk for the majority of the week are more conscious than ever of the need to look after their health and boost their productivity in the workplace.

This is where sit and stand desks come in.

What is a sit stand desk?

As the name suggests, sit stand desks are adjustable desks for standing or sitting. When changing between the two modes on a frequent basis, convenience is key. Here at Lismark we supply an extensive range of high-quality sit stand desks, to suit various needs, sizes and budgets. However, all of them are designed for ease of transition when the user wishes to change modes from sitting to standing or vice versa – or to adjust the level after the desk has been used by another person.

Our fantastic Oblique Adapt Sit Stand Desk provides the ultimate in ergonomic comfort, style and quality. Unlike many sit stand desks on the market which rely on one motor to do all the work, this desk features two Bosch motors in each leg for long-term durability and effortless movement between modes. With a height range of 650 mm up to 1300 mm, it can cater for the whole team – and it even has the option of a 4-position memory function and anti-collision sensor as an added extra.


A healthy way to work

Few people would choose to work in an upright position at all times, but the health benefits of a standing desk mean periods away from the chair are becoming increasingly common amongst professionals who are conscious of the risks of sedentary lifestyles, not least the back and neck problems that prolonged time sitting at a desk can contribute to.

Although it’s a simple change, switching to a sit stand desk means employees can reduce strain on their bodies, burn a few extra calories and even contribute to a lowering of their chances of developing a chronic illness.

With its contemporary good looks, the best-selling Advance Sit Stand Desk blends seamlessly into any modern office space. Its fast and quiet dual motor means it’s easy to adjust.  For a more urban look, the Forge Sit Stand Desk which is made from striking high grade steel, does exactly the same job. Both these sit stand desks are available on next day delivery for self-assembly, with a short 2-3 week lead time for those who would prefer us to assemble the desk and take away the packaging.

Boosting productivity with sit stand desks

The benefits of standing desks go far beyond physical health. People who incorporate their use into their working day report higher energy levels and improved concentration. Consequently, this increased alertness leads to a productivity boost with some studies indicating that those who have regular access to a sit stand desk are up to 46% more productive on average.

Here at Lismark we can supply a sit stand desk to suit all spaces. Available in 18 desktop colours and with the same durable motor system as our larger desks, the Mini Sit stand Desk’s compact size makes it a hugely popular choice where space is tight both in home offices and in the workplace. Alternatively, the Crown Executive Sit stand Desk makes a showstopping design statement in your office. Available in three sizes, it can double up as a meeting table, and with over 150 frame colour, size and top décor combinations, you can find exactly the right finish to represent your brand to a tee.

A cultural shift toward healthier habits

Investing in sit stand desks is a powerful way of demonstrating commitment to employee health and wellbeing, and the return of investment in terms of increased productivity makes it a no-brainer for the modern workplace.

To find out more about our fantastic choice of high quality and stylish sit stand desks, please call us on 0116 251 7741, or fill out this short form and we will get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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