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What do employees want in the office?

Young millennials office

Young millennials officeThe office is where we spend most of our hours, so the place in which we work has a direct impact on our happiness and wellbeing. If your workers had the choice, which do you think they’d prefer, an open, welcoming office that’s well designed or an overcrowded office with minimal effort to increase morale?

The office design realm is an important one for both HR professionals and business owners to examine. Ensuring that the office is designed well and houses all of the facilities that workers desire can influence productivity as well as attract the best new talent to work for your company.

It is reasons like these why business owners are taking inspiration from creative agencies and companies like Google who have moulded beautifully designed fun offices. Although slides might not be appropriate, there are easy additions that employees want in the office.

As well as the necessary items such as a functional desk, comfortable chair and refreshment facilities, what are some of the other things employees want in an office?

Add some greenery

Being stuck inside all day can be a drain on morale, so why not bring a sense of the outdoors in? An easy fix is to add a few plants and indoor trees around the office. We humans are hardwired to be drawn to nature, so being surrounded by natural light and vegetation can do wonders for boosting moods.

If you’re questioning the value of adding some plants into your office, recent studies have found that plants can increase office productivity by as much as 15 per cent!


Adding home comforts to the workplace is a trend that has come with the rise of the Millennials. The separation between work and home is becoming finer with many offices becoming more relaxed and casual.

The office is filling up with ‘home away from home’ comforts and entertainment for workers to use on their breaks. Some of the most popular:

  • Pool/ping pong table
  • Coffee machine
  • Social areas
  • TV
  • Games console
  • Gym

By adding some of these facilities, those busy periods with long shifts won’t seem so hard.

Breakout area

Multifunctional workspace

A breakout space is an area that allows employees to get away from their desk and engage in anything from brainstorming sessions and team catch-ups to private conversations in person or on the telephone.

The uses of a breakout space are endless and can even be used for informal purposes such as being a space for employees to ‘switch off’ from a stressful task for ten minutes.

The breakout area doesn’t have to be a large space, just enough to house some comfortable breakout furniture.

The best technology

Technology has changed the world that we live in and if businesses want to attract and retain top employees, keeping on top of technological needs is a must. Despite the evolving technological landscape and reliance on technology in the office, it seems that not enough is being done to give employees what they need for their job.

Employees can soon become frustrated if their quality of work is being jeopardised by the lack of tools available to them. Technology can hold a company back but having the latest software and technology for your workforce can push it forward.

Regular checks

Quiet workspace furniture


Open-plan offices are now the norm, and rightly so. This type of office layout promotes collaboration and creativity that was less common in partitioned cubicle offices. Open-plan offices are however louder than their counterparts. We’re not suggesting that you change to cubicles as privacy and quiet areas can be achieved in a modern open office too.

Office acoustic pods are the best solution for creating quiet spaces for offices, without taking up much space, either. The self-contained private workspace with acoustic properties helps to zone out surrounding noise, making them a great place to work without distractions.

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