The acoustic technology behind office pods

27 Mar 2024

Getting office acoustics right is a key part of creating a productive and comfortable working environment. In today’s open-plan office, where hot-desking is often the norm, careful thought needs to go into getting this right.

Here at Lismark, we specialise in a great range of office pods, which make use of the latest technology to incorporate acoustic solutions for office environments into stylish, durable and ergonomic office furniture.

Acoustic pods for offices

As they are open-facing pieces of furniture, acoustic pods are not designed to be completely soundproof. However, the noise-reducing technology used within their high backs and sides means that those in the surrounding office environment won’t be able to hear what you are saying within the privacy of the pod, nor will they feel any pressure to make an effort to be quiet in the vicinity of the pod when it is in use

Read on to learn more about how our fantastic range of office furniture can create the perfect environment for both concentrated solo work and meaningful collaboration that won’t disturb others.

Solo acoustic work pods

We supply an extensive range of work pods designed for employees to get on with the task in hand uninterrupted. Available in one, two and three-person workbooth configurations, the Snug Acoustic Work Pod features fantastic sound minimising acoustic properties within its stylish quilted or plain foam-backed upholstery.



Acoustic work pods for meetings

Larger work pods are perfect for meetings with colleagues or clients. The chic and popular Cocoon Acoustic Work Pod can accommodate two to three people. Place it back-to-back with another unit or facing another one to create a comfortable and convivial meeting space for 4 – 6 of your team.

As its name implies, the Cocoon has an enveloping effect, creating an oasis of calm within the busy office. The high acoustic surround of the sofa encompasses the whole of the unit, including the top. With noise-reducing foam used throughout the exterior of the back, as well as the whole of the interior, it offers the perfect environment to work and brainstorm without distraction.

Acoustic phone booths

Phone booths are an essential component in providing acoustic office solutions in a busy environment. Whether your team regularly need to complete a list of cold calls or undertake challenging or confidential phone conversations, it’s important to offer a space where they can do so in private and without disturbing the peace of those around them.

Most of the phone booths we supply come complete with doors and so offer a far greater degree of noise reduction than our acoustic furniture. However, noise-reducing technology also plays a key role in the high-quality phone booths we offer.

For example, the Milli Phone Booth, which is available on a short 1-2 week lead time, features a 32 dB acoustic sound rating.

Its class-leading soundproofing materials combine with clever structural detailing to mitigate noise. The interior is fully lined with REACH and RoHS compliant acoustic foam to effectively dampen noise from the surrounding environment while offering the peace and privacy to concentrate on important conversations. With automatic lighting, built-in charging and state-of-the-art ventilation, the Milli Phone Pod offers the maximum in modern comfort in its sleek, minimalist design. It’s supplied on castors too, meaning it can easily be moved as the needs of your office space evolve.

Enhanced privacy acoustic pods

If you require an extra level of visual and acoustic privacy, you can opt for an acoustic pod with an incorporated ceiling. Available as a one, two or three-seater, the Jensen Shelter Acoustic Pod is a perennially popular acoustic solution in the modern office. Featuring noise-reducing upholstery in its noise-reducing high screens, the addition of the ceiling creates a style statement while offering a private place to meet and collaborate.

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