The pros and cons of hot-desking

16 Mar 2020

employee hot desking drinking coffeeHot desking is becoming an increasingly popular choice for employers, offering high levels of flexibility enabled by advances in tech that allow us to work from anywhere at any time. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for every workplace, and before employers take the plunge, some careful planning is a must.


Why hot-desk?

There are significant advantages to hot-desking. One of the largest is that it generally leads to a more efficient use of the space you have, thereby saving on rental and utility costs.

Designed in the right way, hot-desking can also create a friendlier environment where staff benefit from the opportunity to mix with different colleagues every day. It also means that employees aren’t tied to sharing a space with someone who they may not enjoy working with. Ultimately, when it’s done well, hot-desking can result in a more collaborative way of working and a happier team.

The aesthetics of the workplace can also benefit, making it an attractive option for business owners keen to create a modern, pared-back environment to reflect the values of their brand. When people don’t have their own individual spot, they have no option other than to keep their surroundings tidy and streamlined – no more stacks of paperwork and stained coffee cups!


Why hot-desking isn’t for everyone

For every pro, there is a con and hot-desking just doesn’t suit every personality or business type. Generally, this new approach to working tends to be favoured by millennials who may be more comfortable with using mobile technology and working flexibly, whether it be from home or a new spot in the office each day.

There is also the risk that hot-desking can depersonalise the workplace, making it feel more transient. Many people feel more comfortable creating their own working space with belongings such as plants, photographs and stationery around them. This can also offer a sense of permanence, with some people arguing that hot-desking could give employees a message that they are not valued enough to have their own desk.

It’s also important to carefully consider any potential challenges around how hot-desking will affect access for employees with reduced mobility or other physical impairments such as poor vision.

That said, many people who are initially resistant to the concept are won over when they try it out and begin to feel its benefits.


How you can make hot-desking work

Ultimately, the success of hot-desking largely depends on how well the available space is laid out and how the concept it is presented and implemented. It is also usually a prerequisite that at least some staff are partly home or field-based and/or able to work flexible hours to ensure that there is enough space for everyone who is working in the office at any one time.

In a hot-desking environment, it’s also important to provide alternative spaces for meetings and other tasks that need to take place away from the main hub of activity. For example, people will require higher levels of privacy when dealing with confidential or controversial issues, taking important phone calls or collaborating with others.


Design solutions for effective hot-desking

With the above in mind, here are our recommendations for office furniture options that can make hot-desking work for you.

Work stations

Choose from single desks, bench-style work stations and moveable desks with built-in cable access. Whichever style, it’s important that they are stationed near power points and can facilitate working on laptops and other mobile devices.

Sit-stand desks and meeting tables

Provide a hot-desking space and an opportunity for employees to tackle the risks of prolonged sitting with a sit-stand desk or sit-stand meeting table.

Work pods

Individual work pods and meeting pods for groups offer enclosed and private working spaces.

Break out areas

A break-out area with comfortable seating is a must in a hot-desking environment to give employees an alternative space to work and relax in.


As an undeniably attractive and cost-effective option for the modern workplace, it’s well worth giving some thought to whether hot-desking could be just what you need to breathe new life into your workplace whilst reducing your outgoings.

If you’re looking to implement hot-desking in your office, get in touch today to discuss the best furniture options for your space.

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