Could private work booths be the key to office productivity?

1 Sep 2021
private work booth

private work boothThe landscape of the office has changed dramatically over the past few years. In the wake of the pandemic, many employers are now offering flexible working solutions and opting for hot desking and open plan layouts in place of traditional office setups.

But what does this new style of working mean for productivity? A recent study found that one in three workers feel distractions and noise from open work spaces hinder their productivity, while one in six say it has a negative effect on creativity as well (Forbes.)

Privacy is also a major factor to consider. Some studies suggest the lack of personal space and privacy can cause a slump in communication, collaboration, and productivity in the open-plan office.

So how can employers combat the downsides of the open plan office? Providing private work booths or individual office pods for employees to retreat to could be the answer.

What are the options for private work booths?

When it comes to furnishing offices, one size does not fit all, so luckily there is a wide choice of options when it comes to providing flexible, modern and attractive individual office pods for your employees.

Many individual work booths come in the form of desk booths, which give employees everything they need for a peaceful atmosphere to concentrate on the task in hand in private and without the passing distractions that working in an open plan office inevitably brings.

As well as built-in desks, many workstation pods come with electric sockets and lighting as well as comfortable seating designed with long periods of work in mind.

Can I hear office noise from my work booth?

No workstation pod will provide sound proofing but most will provide a degree of noise reduction, depending on the design, as well as keeping some sound in, using materials such as sound dampening foam to reduce ambient noise.  Also, the privacy and screening provided by work booths mean most workers find it easier to zone out from any sounds around them than they would if they were sitting at an open plan desk where they can also see the source of noise.

For increased peace and quiet and privacy, acoustic pods and office phone booths work well alongside your work pods for times when significant noise reduction or complete confidentiality is required.

Practicality with style

Good quality work pods always come with the high standards of design you would expect in terms of durability and style. Due to the robustness of our commercial grade work pods, we carry out installation in your location, however they can be relocated at a later date with careful handling.

Our work pods are available in a huge range of fabrics and colours, meaning making an on-brand style statement is easy whether that involves the palest of pastels to boldest of primary colours.

The end result is a high-quality style statement that will enhance employee happiness in the workplace as well as their productivity.

The importance of ergonomics

When opting for a work pod with a built-in chair, it’s important to ensure the seating provided is contract grade and provides safe and supportive seating for a variety of users to work in comfort.

Equally, when choosing chairs for pods without seating, it’s crucial to opt for an easily adjustable and supportive chair to maintain employees’ wellbeing.

A cost-effective investment

While a high-quality office pod will always involve a financial investment, it will pay dividends in terms of longevity and the flexibility it adds to the working environment. Not only that, the increase in employee productivity that providing this kind of space results in, will also save the business money in the long term.

Specialists in private work booth furniture

Lismark offer a wide range of work pods and booths with options for any office space. Get in touch today to request a brochure or speak to our experts about finding the perfect work pod for you.

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