Myriad Modular Seating

With the increasing need for your furniture to be flexible, the Myriad Seating range allows you to create a comfortable meeting area, private huddle space or a stunning island. The possibilities are truly infinite with this versatile range.

The Myriad Seating range is made up of eleven linkable seating units, three privacy screens, side tables and arms that accommodate power.

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Myriad Seating

Is the Myriad Seating range versatile?

The Myriad Seating range is one of the most versatile, widest ranges of seating that we supply. It consists of eleven linkable seating units with complementary screens. The Myriad is great for you to create seating arrangements to suit your particular business needs be it in reception areas, waiting rooms, atriums, breakout zones, the possibilities are endless.



Wow! Here is a brief resume

  • A single or two seat unit with or without a back rest
  • 90 degree units with or without a back rests
  • 120 degree units with or without a back rests
  • Corner units with backs

You have the option to personalise with 3 leg finishes, hundreds of fabric colours along with two fabric colours on the same unit.



A 6 week lead time on the Myriad range.

Thinking of the Myriad?

Give us a call on 0116 251 7741 to arrange a meeting for this range. Or fill out or Call Back form and we will be in touch.

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Other seating to consider?

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