Retreat High Back Sofas

Our Retreat high back sofas are perfect for when you are having one of those days! Made for when you need to find a little bit of piece of quiet even within your busy workplace. The Retreat can also make the most of small spaces, turning them into private work zones.

Ideal for working on laptops, tablets and taking calls on mobiles and now available as one, two or three seaters. Use with our laptop tables to create convenient, impromptu and informal extra work space in your soft seating areas, breakout zones, receptions and waiting spaces.

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Retreat High Back Sofas

Tell me about the Retreat High Back Sofas?

Available as a one, two or three seater option, our Retreat High Back Sofas are perfect if you need a little private space in the busy work place. Ideal for working on mobile devices away from your desk, they can fit in any space to make it an extra work space and add seating capacity to your office. Make the most of spare space in breakout zones, reception spaces and even corridors. Great for adding extra capacity in hot working spaces. Add one of our laptop tables for extra convenience.

The Retreat range has high rise backs and side arms for privacy and great acoustic comfort whilst reducing ambient noise. Pair it with other units to create unique work environments and fit in your office space. Units can be placed back to back without taking up too much room, whilst still providing privacy. Or you can place 2 units facing each other to create an impromptu meeting space, with total privacy from the surroundings.


Retreat single seaters

Fabric options:

The world is your oyster here! We can upholster your Retreat units in a wide range of fabrics to suit all tastes, colour schemes and budgets. Please call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill out our contact form to discuss fabrics for the seating and back panels. We can even produce renders in your choice of fabrics for final approval before you place your order.


A Retreat two-seat unit in a customers choice of fabrics for final approval


  • Single seater: 1240 high x 800 wide x 760 deep mm. The seat height is 450 x 620 wide x 570 deep mm.
  • Two seater: 1240 high x 1400 wide x 760 deep mm. The seat height is 450 x 1220 wide x 570 deep mm.
  • Three seater: 1240 high x 2000 wide x 760 deep mm. The seat height is 450 x 1820 wide x 570 deep mm.

Optional extras;

  • One or two fabric colours on the same unit with the option to add upholstered buttons
  • We have the power!! Why not add a UK power/USB smart charge socket for extra convenience.

Retreat one and two-seaters

Delivery and installation:

Dont worry, it is all taken care of. We will call you to arrange a convenient date, we deliver, we build, we place it in the location you require. After that we take away all the packaging and leave you in peace. Headache free! From time of your order to delivery and installation is 3 to 4 weeks.


Please get in touch for details and we will be happy to help.

Sounds great – how can I order?

Contact us on this form or give us a call on 0116 251 7741 for a chat.

We can now offer leasing to make your furniture purchase even easier. Please get in touch for details.

Do you have any other Meeting Pods or Acoustic Pods?

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