How your office can benefit from meeting pods

21 Feb 2024

Every business needs to offer ample space for colleagues to get together to collaborate and catch up with clients. If your meeting rooms are in constant high demand or you lack a place for colleagues to congregate, office meeting pods are an effective way to create an extra space without having to move to a bigger premises! In fact, the benefits of meeting pods are such, that for many small businesses, they are replacing the traditional meeting room altogether.

Here at Lismark our office furniture experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to advising on meeting pods for offices. If you would like to find out more about how meeting pods can meet your business’s specific needs, please get in touch.

What are office meeting room pods?

Put simply, meeting pods for offices are designed to do exactly the same job as a small meeting room, often with lighting and power points included! Here at Lismark we have a vast range of meeting pods to suit various requirements. However, the one thing they all have in common is style, comfort and contract-grade durability. The frames, fabrics and seating foams used in each meeting pod are carefully chosen for heavy use in a commercial setting.  Not only that, meeting pods elevate any office setting with their sleek, modern design and enveloping, welcoming feel.

What sizes do meeting pods come in?

Most of our meeting pods come in 2, 4 and 6-seater versions, giving you the option to create anything from a useful space for one-to-ones to a 6-seater replacement for the traditional meeting room.

Depending on your square footage, the size of your team and what kind of meetings you want to use your pod for, our experts can advise on the perfect office meeting pod for you. With its comfortable seating, built-in table and sound-absorbing walls, our versatile new Zen Meeting Pod is already proving very popular in many settings. As its name suggests, it offers a calm retreat to facilitate clear thinking within any busy office environment.

Zen Meeting Pod

Zen Meeting Pod

How private are meeting pods

That all depends on how much privacy you require!  You can choose from the following:

Classic meeting pods

Most of the meeting pods we supply are open on one side, with acoustic surrounds to offer a quiet and private place to hold meetings. A great example of this is the Jensen-Up Meeting Pod, which came into being thanks to the popularity of the stylish and comfortable Jensen sofa. Think two comfortable sofas facing each other with a linking panel and acoustic surround.

Jensen-Up Meeting Pod

Jensen-Up Meeting Pod

Open-sided meeting pods

Open-sided meeting pods such as the Carriage Meeting Pod provide a great focal point in the modern office. The clever design using high acoustic panels at the back of each sofa, topped off with a pitched roof not only looks great, it offers a light and open space for colleagues to gather to talk without being interrupted by the hubbub of the office around them. A freestanding meeting table comes as standard, and there is the option for up to four USB chargers at the corners.

Added privacy meeting pods

We can supply a great range of fully enclosed office meeting pods to provide the perfect place for confidential conversations as well as casual catch ups. The Aura Meeting Pod is fitted with a sliding glass door to provide total privacy, while still letting in the light. With lighting included as standard, plus USB, data sockets and TV brackets available to add, it’s got everything your team needs to be productive.

Moveable meeting pods

Due to their heavy, robust build, most of our meeting pods are not designed to be moved, however, with its large, lockable castors, the Cabana Mobile Meeting Pod can be moved to wherever the meeting is. This boldly designed pod is made for two, but if you invest in two pods, you have two spaces for one-to-ones that can also easily be placed together to accommodate meetings for four.


 Cabana Mobile Meeting Pod Acoustic Seating Pod

Cabana Mobile Meeting Pod

Can I choose the fabric for my meeting pod?

Many of our meeting pods are available in a great choice of colours, plus we offer a huge range of durable upholstery options, to set the tone for your unique brand identity. When the time comes to choose, we have plenty of fabric swatches you can look through to find the perfect colour scheme for your organisation.

How does delivery work?

Our delivery service involves transporting your brand-new meeting pod to exactly where you need it in your office. After unpacking and assembling it, we’ll even take all the packaging away, freeing you up to concentrate on enjoying your brand-new office pod!

Can you recommend meeting pods to suit my budget?

Of course. Specialising in meeting pods means we can offer great options for various budgets within the framework of your size and privacy needs. Whichever option you choose, you can expect great quality and durable design that’s built to last.

Let us help you find the perfect meeting pod!

Interested in finding out more about how meeting pods can benefit your business?  You can call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill in our contact form.

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