How to optimise your small office space – 6 expert tips

21 Dec 2018
Foundry Giant Table

All businesses should strive to be as efficient as possible – regardless of the size of the office. It’s an unfortunate truth that many businesses operate in an office that houses little space, an environment that snaps creativity, productivity and efficiency.

Due to financial restraints, most businesses tend to only upscale business premises once it’s blaringly obvious that they’ve outgrown their current location. And with commercial rents increasing, it’s becoming more difficult for businesses to flock the nest and move into larger premises.

Instead of muddling through in a cramped office space, the better option is to put time into optimising the office space you already own.

So, how do you create an environment that makes employees feel more motivated and productive throughout the working day, whilst making the most of limited office space? As office design and furniture experts, Lismark Office Furniture is on hand to provide you with some useful ways for you to optimise your small office space.

Here is a selection of ways a business can optimise the space in the office:

1.      Multipurpose spaces

With a multipurpose space, employees can use the area for catch ups with clients, group meetings and even an alternative working space. Multipurpose spaces allow offices to do more with less space and can add a real tangible boost to productivity.

For open plan offices, a meeting pod can provide relief to workers who need to concentrate in a quiet area and double up as a semi-permanent working space or meeting room.

Foundry Giant Table

2.      Maximise Natural light

Office workers spend most of their time indoors so it’s no surprise that an office that is open, has plenty of natural light and is airy performs better. Natural light is a well-known mood booster and also creates a feeling of extra space in a cramped office.

Remove items from windowsills and rearrange desk so that more are positioned close to the windows. If you need some privacy, try sheer blinds or Venetians which can still let light in most of the time.

3.      Avoid heavy weight desks

Busy office with new Oblique Desk

In years gone by, the desk would store an all manner of important files and documents. To cope with the amount of necessary storage, they were heavy duty and contained plenty of compartments for storage.

Because files are now saved on servers and clouds, these desks that eat up plenty of space simply aren’t necessary for the modern day. Where possible, heavy traditional desks should be switched with office desks that are lightweight.

4.      Sit-stand desks

If space is limited, sit-stand desks are invaluable for productive working. Not only do the desks aid health benefits, but they can also be extremely useful for meetings within an office space. Standing together at one computer screen can be far more comfortable than huddling around the screen on chairs. Sit stand desk - height adjustable for office

5.      Hot-desking in the office

Hot-desking is when personal desks are removed from the office in an effort to save space. It encourages creativity between workers that wouldn’t normally find themselves together and can lead to better team morale and productivity.

Instead of using traditional desks for individual workers, large communal desks that can accommodate more staff. Spaces on these large desks are assigned on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Hot desking doesn’t have to solely come in the form of large communal desks, folding tables and laptop tables are space-saving options that can also suit hot-desking workers.

Cega Office Phone Booth

6.      Rethink your unused office spaces

A well-designed office should make use of every possible space – even corridors, staircases and landing areas. These areas that are just used as walkways to connect your office can be reimagined into productivity-boosting areas.

Novelty phone booths for making calls away from the hustle and bustle of the main office could be installed in corridors and beanbags and stools could be arranged in lading areas for impromptu meetings.

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