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Elevate your office space with stylish stools


If you’re looking to provide flexibility and fluidity in your workspace, then stools are an easy, budget friendly and low maintenance option to easily offer versatile seating wherever and whenever you need it. 

Office stools are perfect for various settings within your workspace. Whether it’s a breakout area, a collaborative space or even as alternative seating option at individual workstations, stools can fit seamlessly into any office. 

We supply stools for offices in a range of different styles, heights, and materials, so it’s easy to find a high quality, durable and stylish solution that aligns with your office’s aesthetic.

Fuss-free flexibility 

Incorporating stools into your office brings no-effort versatility to your seating arrangements. Employees can easily move them around for impromptu meetings or collaborative projects. The lightweight nature of stools makes them easy to rearrange, providing a dynamic solution for evolving office needs.

With its striking modern design complete with handy storage space, the Belle Mobile Stool is the ultimate versatile seating option thanks to its ability to glide across the floor on its five recessed twin-wheeled castors. 

A space-saving solution 

As office stools take up less space compared to traditional chairs, they are particularly useful in offices with limited square footage. Choosing stools instead of bulkier furniture can help create a more open and inviting atmosphere. 

A perennially popular option in workspaces of all shapes and sizes is the Martin Low Stool. Available in solid oak or natural walnut, with a vast choice of seat upholstery, it’s a hardworking and good-looking office all-rounder. 

Aiming high 

To get the most out of your office stools, consider adding high stools to the mix. In the modern office, a high stool paired with a high meeting table or sit-stand desk creates an informal setting, encouraging spontaneous meetings and discussions and potentially breaking down hierarchal barriers within the workplace. 

The Martin High Stool pairs perfectly with its low counterpart, offering a cohesive style statement across the office. Alternatively, the Karin High Stool features pared back Scandinavian style design with a choice of upholstered or plain oak seat. If a backrest is required for extra support in longer meetings look no further than the striking Bethan High Stool with solid oak or wireframe legs. For smaller spaces, the stackable Base High Stool is the ultimate space-saving solution.  

Flux Wood High Stool with a light grey shell

Alert and active 

While no one would suggest staff should sit on stools all day long, offering them as an occasional alternative to traditional chairs can result in health and productivity benefits. 

Sitting on a stool requires users to engage their core muscles to maintain balance. This kind of active sitting can in turn lead to more alert and engaged conversations. The less formal seating arrangement can also lead to shorter, more focused discussions.  

All of Lismark’s office stools are comfortable and durable for users. Ergonomically designed stools can reduce the risk of back pain and musculoskeletal issues while encouraging a more active sitting position. For the ultimate in chic comfort, opt for the Flux Wood High Stool.

Incorporating stools into your office can also encourage employees to move around more. Standing desks and high stools offer a welcome alternative to sitting at the same desk chair all day, which can help combat the negative effects of being in a prolonged sedentary state. By getting up and switching to a stool, your team can change perspective and boost their energy. 

Style and substance 

When choosing a stool for your office, it’s important to consider the overall style and aesthetics of your workspace. At Lismark we offer something to suit every need and aesthetic ranging from the quirky styles statement of the three-legged SW19 Stool, named for its more than passing resemblance to a tennis ball, to the Box Fully Upholstered Low Stool, which is available in three sizes and adds softness and character to your space and is easy to move thanks to its leather strap handle.

Our stools are available in a fantastic range of durable and attractive office seating fabrics, meaning you can find the ideal match for your brand. 

Box Low upholstered stools

The perfect stools for your office environment 

Ready to transform your office with stylish stools? For advice on the perfect solution for offices, breakout areas, receptions and more, please call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill out our short contact form.

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