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5 benefits of modular office seating

modular office seating

modular office seatingModular office seating is a great way to create versatile office interiors. With different sizes and shapes available, you can configure your workspace the way you want it, from an individual modular office chair at each workstation, to collaboration spaces and breakout zones for teams to use together.

We’ve put together 5 of the top reasons you may want to opt for modular furniture in your office.

1. Made to fit

While modular office seating is not made to measure, it is made to fit all sizes of space. You can do this just by adding or removing a central module to create longer bench seating or a booth layout. Modular office chairs often work alone or alongside one another, with straight, curved and corner segments when you want to change direction.

2. Ergonomic comfort

Good office furniture is designed with ergonomics in mind – comfortable long-term use for employees who need somewhere to sit for hours every day. Modular seating for offices gives staff a choice of where to sit at different times of day, for example during an informal meeting away from the desk or a group training session. High back rests help maintain good posture while cushioned seats remain comfortable even after extended periods of sitting.

3. Easy to reconfigure

As easy as it is to install, modular seating office furniture can be moved equally easily into a new position. Modern materials give modular office seating plenty of strength and durability, while leaving it lightweight enough to move around without heavy machinery.

As the needs of your workforce change, you can create larger seating areas or more individual spaces for solo work. Plus, by investing in a good selection of modular office seating, you can also fill a large area without any gaps, so there’s no lost usable space.

4. Separate your space

High back office seating makes a natural division between areas and can not only improve privacy by containing sound better, but also create defined zones for collaboration between teams of different sizes.

This is particularly useful in open-plan offices where you want to achieve the effect of separate areas, without introducing floor-to-ceiling false walls and unsightly barriers that remove the sense of space.

5. Bespoke aesthetics

Modular office furniture doesn’t necessarily mean ‘off the peg’. Once you’ve chosen a particular style and shape of modular seating, there may still be plenty more options open to you. These can include the colour, fabric and other finishes, as well as the natural bespoke nature of being able to configure where your modular seating goes and exactly which modules you use.

Go modular and reap the benefits

There are many benefits to modular office furniture and especially modular office seating, from the ability to fit any space, to the comfort and durability of the materials used. If you’re planning an office refurbishment and need new furniture, go modular and you’ll make an investment that should see you through many years to come.

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