Low stool ranges

Our low stool ranges provide a less formal and more friendly style of seating. Ideal for your office collaboration, meeting room or break-out space.

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Martin low stools

Martin low stool with oak show wood base board

Martin low stool with oak show wood base board

Martin low stools have frames available in solid oak, or natural walnut, with soft upholstered cushions, for superb sitting comfort. Stools are available fully upholstered, or with the addition of a show wood base board, to provide that extra touch of warmth in your workplace.

Karin low stools

Karin low stools in oak with an upholstered seat pad

Karin low stools in oak with an upholstered seat

Subtly Scandinavian in style, the sculpted solid oak rectangular seat is supported by a complimenting solid oak frame incorporating a footrest. The option of an upholstered seat cushion provides an extra level of comfort, and allows these superb stools to suite into any situation.

SW19 low stools

SW19 low stool in green tennis ball

SW19 low stool in green

Comfy and ‘quirky’ three legged upholstered stools, bear a passing resemblance to a tennis ball. A soft seat cushion, with tailored upholstery, is combined with elegant black tubular steel legs with levelling glides, to produce a fun and informal seating solution for the modern workspace.

Belle mobile low stool

Belle mobile low stool green seat

Belle mobile low stool

Designed for ‘dynamic’ sitting, the Belle mobile low stool provides an agile, mobile seating solution for the ultimate in flexible seating. The soft curves of the Belle body provide the stability for peace of mind, while the five recessed twin-wheeled castors provide the movement, along with a smooth swivel upholstered, seat.

The open sides of the body allow personal items, bags, or mobile devices to be kept safe and near to hand, in the body of the stool, even when mobile. A fun and quirky solution for the modern office meeting place.

Box fully upholstered low stools

Box Low upholstered stools

Box 40 (left), Box 60 (right), and Box 90 (centre) fully upholstered low stools

Box 40 and Box 60 low stools have been designed to be mobile, and are fitted with a convenient leather carrying handle. Ideal for creating informal gatherings within a work space, quickly and easily.

The option of a convenient writing tablet can turn that space into a learning, conference, or study area.

The lower seating height Box 90 low stool provides an opportunity to play with the different dimensions of the units, suiting a lounge or breakout seating area.

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