Mix Meeting Chairs

The Mix Meeting Chair is made for added comfort during long meetings, with its contoured seat and cantilever leg frame which gently flexes to encourage micro-movements by the user.

Choose from a medium back Mix Meeting Chair for meeting spaces or a full back rest for conference rooms and boardrooms.


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Mix Meeting Chairs

Is the Mix Meeting Chair comfortable?

It certainly is and it is especially suitable for use in the long, boring meetings that we all love. The Mix Meeting Chair has a cantilever leg frame that gently flexes while you sit on it, aiding comfort by allowing you to make little micro-movements that you don’t notice. These micro-movements encourage blood and oxygen to move around you body, aiding relaxation.


Mix Meeting Chairs

When you need to store the Mix, it is stackable up to 5 chairs high. The in-built discreet buffer pad below the seat avoids the marking of seat fabric when the chairs are stacked.

Mix Meeting Chairs


As our pictures show the Mix comes as a medium back or a full back chair. Price-wise there is not a lot of difference between the two styles. The medium back is traditionally a meeting room chair, also suitable for reception areas and waiting rooms. The full back Mix is more of a conference room/boardroom chair.

The leg frames come as standard in silver with the option of a chrome finish.

The Mix comes in a huge range of fabrics, including patterned, vinyls, leathers and stain repellent fabrics.

Mix Meeting Chairs


The Mix Meeting Chair is on a 3 to 4 week delivery lead time. We do have samples chairs that are available to try for local businesses as it is important to make sure your meeting chairs are comfortable.

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