How to design a workplace for millennials

21 Dec 2018
Bright furniture

Bright furnitureBy 2020, millennials will make up close to 50% off the UK workforce and new talent is joining the working world every day.

The growing numbers show how important it is for businesses to design an office space that appeals to the best talent. Furthermore, a recent study found that over a fifth of millennials declined a job offer simply because the business had a poor workplace design and atmosphere.

We’re currently in a time period where it’s possible for four different generations (silents, baby boomers, generation X and millennials) to all work together in a business. Catering for all of their needs is difficult but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

For the younger workers, the generic working environments are becoming worn out and greater emphasis is being put on culture and atmosphere. Bright, social, creative environments are outstripping the lifeless cubicles as a way of appealing to millennials.

Businesses must move with the times and there are some quick wins for attracting millennials to your workplace:

Breakout and collaboration areas

The thought of being limited to the use of a formal meeting room is enough to send a shiver down the spine of most millennials. Whilst conference rooms with long tables still have a part to play, for off-the-cuff team gatherings a breakout area helps form a collaborative environment.

Sofas, meeting pods and stools dotted around the office can be used for impromptu meetings and brainstorming. The uses are endless and a well-designed office will make the most of every available bit of space – including corridors! Think bean bags in the corners or coffee tables in corridors.

The ‘you need to be sat at your desk to be working’ mentality is disappearing and collaborative spaces that actively withdraw workers from the sometimes uninspiring desk are helping with this.

Think unconventional

Jensen Hut

An office with grey, empty walls and cubicles won’t do much to increase their desire to work for the company. Items of furniture or décor choices that are against the grain are admired by millennials. Think privacy pods, sit-stand desks and unique furniture pieces such as the Jenson Hut Meeting Pod.

Alternative colour schemes and unconventional soft furnishings will make your office space stand out and appear as a creative hub. Some easy items to add includes indoor trees and planters, mind maps, bean bags, artwork, chalkboards, board games – the options are limitless!

Make it homely

The division between work and home has been apparent for generations, before being reformed by millennials. Resembling a home away from home, the modern office has all the amenities that make it a comfortable and enjoyable place to spend time.

Breakout spaces which, as well as having comfortable furniture, have home comforts and entertainment features that enhance company culture and make those long shifts less of a chore. When you come to fit those homely features, ask what your workers would like. General ideas include pool tables, coffee machines, games consoles and coffee machines.

Open and private

The millennial generation has quite literally torn down walls, doing away with boring and restrictive cubical walls. The open plan office supports sharing and collaboration and doesn’t restrict millennials to their boxed desk.

Although collaborative, open plan offices aren’t known for their privacy and peacefulness. When the concentration is needed for those difficult tasks, a quiet area or privacy pod for workers to go to creates an ideal balance.

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