Enclave Folding Screens

Our Enclave Folding Screens are a very simple, useful product. A freestanding, folding screen that may be used to enclose chairs, desks and sofas to create private workspaces.

  • Use the Enclave in busy open-plan offices, breakout zones, large corridors and reception spaces.
  • Ideal for companies that have exisiting furniture they want to use, rather than purchase new work pods and meeting pods.
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Two Enclave folding screens with a Brix sofa

Enclave is a range of freestanding, folding screens to enclose new or exisiting desks, chairs and sofas. With Enclave you can create private workspaces like work pods, meeting spaces and places to work on mobile devices.


Two Enclave folding screens surround a Brix seat


  • Put folding Enclave screens round two sofas which face each other to create a meeting pod
  • Place two folding Enclave screens round a desk to create a work pod
  • Put two Enclave screens round an armchair to create a private space to make calls and work on tablets.

An Enclave ‘village’ with a desk pod and seating pods


  • The Enclave range comes in three different heights: 1200mm, 1500mm or 1800mm.
  • Each Enclave folding screen is 1600mm wide and folds in the middle. They come with feet and a clip-on linking bracket to attach to other enclave screens.
  • Extension panels at 1000mm wide are available to create longer runs. You simply clip them to the folding screens so they are easy to re-configure as required. These are available in the three different heights: 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm.

Easy to link together using the linking bracket supplied


  • The inner panels of the Enclave are upholstered in Camira Sonus Beat fabric, a light grey colour.
  • The outer panels amy be upholstered in your choice of fabric colour from the Camira Sonus range.
  • Edge trim, feet and the clip-on linking bracket come in a black or white finish.

A Brix sofa made into a private space with two Enclave screens

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