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How your office can benefit from meeting pods


Every business needs to offer ample space for colleagues to get together to collaborate and catch up with clients. If your meeting rooms are in constant high demand or you lack a place for colleagues to congregate, office meeting pods are an effective way to create an extra space without having to move to a bigger premises! In fact, the benefits of meeting pods are such, that for many small businesses, they are replacing the traditional meeting room altogether.

Here at Lismark our office furniture experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to advising on meeting pods for offices. If you would like to find out more about how meeting pods can meet your business’s specific needs, please get in touch.

What are office meeting room pods?

Put simply, meeting pods for offices are designed to do exactly the same job as a small meeting room, often with lighting and power points included! Here at Lismark we have a vast range of meeting pods to suit various requirements. However, the one thing they all have in common is style, comfort and contract-grade durability. The frames, fabrics and seating foams used in each meeting pod are carefully chosen for heavy use in a commercial setting.  Not only that, meeting pods elevate any office setting with their sleek, modern design and enveloping, welcoming feel.

What sizes do meeting pods come in?

Most of our meeting pods come in 2, 4 and 6-seater versions, giving you the option to create anything from a useful space for one-to-ones to a 6-seater replacement for the traditional meeting room.

Depending on your square footage, the size of your team and what kind of meetings you want to use your pod for, our experts can advise on the perfect office meeting pod for you. With its comfortable seating, built-in table and sound-absorbing walls, our versatile new Zen Meeting Pod is already proving very popular in many settings. As its name suggests, it offers a calm retreat to facilitate clear thinking within any busy office environment.

Zen Meeting Pod

Zen Meeting Pod

How private are meeting pods

That all depends on how much privacy you require!  You can choose from the following:

Classic meeting pods

Most of the meeting pods we supply are open on one side, with acoustic surrounds to offer a quiet and private place to hold meetings. A great example of this is the Jensen-Up Meeting Pod, which came into being thanks to the popularity of the stylish and comfortable Jensen sofa. Think two comfortable sofas facing each other with a linking panel and acoustic surround.

Jensen-Up Meeting Pod

Jensen-Up Meeting Pod

Open-sided meeting pods

Open-sided meeting pods such as the Carriage Meeting Pod provide a great focal point in the modern office. The clever design using high acoustic panels at the back of each sofa, topped off with a pitched roof not only looks great, it offers a light and open space for colleagues to gather to talk without being interrupted by the hubbub of the office around them. A freestanding meeting table comes as standard, and there is the option for up to four USB chargers at the corners.

Added privacy meeting pods

We can supply a great range of fully enclosed office meeting pods to provide the perfect place for confidential conversations as well as casual catch ups. The Aura Meeting Pod is fitted with a sliding glass door to provide total privacy, while still letting in the light. With lighting included as standard, plus USB, data sockets and TV brackets available to add, it’s got everything your team needs to be productive.

Moveable meeting pods

Due to their heavy, robust build, most of our meeting pods are not designed to be moved, however, with its large, lockable castors, the Cabana Mobile Meeting Pod can be moved to wherever the meeting is. This boldly designed pod is made for two, but if you invest in two pods, you have two spaces for one-to-ones that can also easily be placed together to accommodate meetings for four.


 Cabana Mobile Meeting Pod Acoustic Seating Pod

Cabana Mobile Meeting Pod

Can I choose the fabric for my meeting pod?

Many of our meeting pods are available in a great choice of colours, plus we offer a huge range of durable upholstery options, to set the tone for your unique brand identity. When the time comes to choose, we have plenty of fabric swatches you can look through to find the perfect colour scheme for your organisation.

How does delivery work?

Our delivery service involves transporting your brand-new meeting pod to exactly where you need it in your office. After unpacking and assembling it, we’ll even take all the packaging away, freeing you up to concentrate on enjoying your brand-new office pod!

Can you recommend meeting pods to suit my budget?

Of course. Specialising in meeting pods means we can offer great options for various budgets within the framework of your size and privacy needs. Whichever option you choose, you can expect great quality and durable design that’s built to last.

Let us help you find the perfect meeting pod!

Interested in finding out more about how meeting pods can benefit your business?  You can call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill in our contact form.

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Shaping your workspace: maximising efficiency with the perfect office pod


Office pods play a key role in the modern working environment where hotdesking and hybrid working are firmly established. Their clever space-saving design is the perfect way to provide a comfortable space to optimise employees’ productivity while making a cost-effective style statement.

To find out more about the huge range of office pods we supply, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office furniture experts today, who will be very happy to discuss your business’s needs in more detail.

Designing a productive office with workplace pods

Workplace efficiency begins with providing an appropriate setting for your staff to get on with the task in hand. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, all the furniture pods we supply at Lismark are made from high quality materials and designed to last for years to come, with their users’ health and comfort in mind.

For example, as well as offering fantastic sound dampening with its class-leading soundproofing and structural detailing, the Milli Work Pod is fitted with custom-designed sensor-activated airflow vents to keep staff alert and clear-headed as they join an important call or get on with a solo work project.

Like several of our office pods, Milli is equipped with levelling feet that can be lifted to access castors so you can move it to wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

Milli work pod

Milli work pod

Keeping it confidential with office privacy pod

The modern open-plan office layout has many benefits, but offering facilities to talk in private or concentrate undisturbed, is not always one of them. Adding office pods to your open plan space means you can offer the best of both worlds to your staff. They can benefit from the collaborative and egalitarian atmosphere of the office, safe in the knowledge that seating pods are available when they need to have a private conversation on a video call or in person, or a quiet oasis to complete a task that requires deep concentration.

All our office pods offer some degree of noise reduction, although most seating pods are not designed to be soundproof. However, our great range of Added Privacy Meeting Pods provide a fully enclosed space to meet and work without fear of being overheard or disturbed by outside noise.

Four-seater Bob Meeting Pod with a glass door

Four-seater Bob Meeting Pod with a glass door


Making the most of your space

It’s true that most open-plan offices have at least one meeting room, but offering an alternative place to gather informally with a seating pod such as the Brix-Up Acoustic Seating Pod, gives you flexibility and choice in your office setting.

Alternatively, for smaller businesses, larger meeting pods can replace the traditional meeting room, especially when paired with small office pods and office phone booths. Some of our meeting pods can comfortably accommodate six people. So as well as optimising staff productivity, using office pods can increase the efficiency of your square footage too, both in the office and to make the most of  underused spaces such as receptions and even wide corridors.

 Brix-Up Acoustic Seating Pod

Brix-Up Acoustic Seating Pod

Choosing the right pod for you

Do you need a small office pod for solo work, a large acoustic seating pod to create a breakaway area, a pod to meet internally and with clients, or a combination of all three? Our office furniture experts can talk you through the best options for you. In the meantime, here’s a summary of the office pods we offer at Lismark:

Meeting pods

From open sided 2-seater furniture pods for one-to-one catch-ups, to fully enclosed six-seater pods with ventilation, lighting and power points, we’ve got the solution for your needs. All our meeting pods come with  the option to comfortably accommodate 2, 4 or 6 people.

Acoustic seating pods

Whether you need a quiet space for calls or solo work, or a place for a few colleagues to catch up, our great range of acoustic seating pods offer a stylish and durable alternative to traditional sofas and chairs. With noise-reducing materials used to construct their high backs and sides, they offer the perfect place to get the job done or engage in a distraction-free conversation.

Office work pods and booths

From great quality functional solo office work pods like the Bee Solo Work Pod, to fully private phone booths, Lismark offer a great choice of solutions for businesses looking to help their employees work efficiently.

Bee Solo Work Pod with a 1215 mm panel height

Bee Solo Work Pod with a 1215 mm panel height

The right office pod for you

To find out more about our great range of office pods, available in a wide range of upholstery to reflect your brand, please get in touch. You can call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill in our contact form.

Dec 20 23

Maximising office space with seating pods


In the modern office, seating pods can play a key role. This is especially the case in open-plan and hotdesking working environments where staff often need an alternative to the traditional desk or meeting room to work or collaborate with others.

What is a seating pod?

Put simply work seating pods are designed to slot into the space you already have available to create an office within an office for solo or collaborative work. Here at Lismark, we supply a huge range of stylish and high-quality office pods to seat between 2 and X, in a vast selection of fabrics and finishes that you can tailor to represent your brand.

Whether you’re looking for a solo work pod, a meeting pod, a fully enclosed acoustic seating pod or an office phone booth with seating, we have the right solution for you.

Please get in touch with our office furniture experts today, to find out more about the best solution for your business.

Benefits of seating pods

Office seating pods have many benefits, including the following:


When the deadline for a complicated project is looming or a confidential conversation needs to take place, office pods offer the perfect environment to work in privacy without having to seek out an alternative location away from the main office. The pared-down good looks of the Hem Solo Work Pod offers a compact space to get on with the task in hand, while the Aura Meeting Pod with a sliding glass door provides a comfortable, modern and completely private environment for meetings of up to six people.

Hem Solo Work Booth

Available with a left-hand or right-hand opening

Aura Meeting Pods

Aura Meeting Pods


Whether it’s getting to end of a time-consuming report or brainstorming ideas for a creative pitch, employees work better when their needs are being met in the environment around them. With its built-in table, chair, LED light, carpet, ceiling fan, acoustic panels and magnetic door, the Clara Phone Booth offers everything your staff need to get through a long to-do list in comfort and style. Alternatively, the Bruce Meeting Pod gives your team the perfect place to collaborate to come up with that next big idea. Choose from an open-sided version or closed-fronted for added privacy.

Clara Phone Booth with a cork exterior

Clara Phone Booth with a cork exterior

Bruce 4-seat open-fronted meeting pod

Bruce 4-seat open-fronted meeting pod


All of our seating pods are designed with employee wellbeing in mind. From the sound-dampening panels on our Acoustic Seating Pods to the comfortable upholstery across the whole range, shifting in an uncomfortable chair during a long meeting is a thing of the past. As well as accommodating your team in comfort, our seating pods make a style statement in your workplace too. Our extensive range of stylish upholstery options means you can choose the perfect colour scheme too.

Camira Rivet

Camira Rivet

A versatile option

Another great plus point when it comes to seating pods is their versatility. Adding them to your workspace can open out areas that have previously been underused. And don’t forget to think beyond the office – seating pods are a great option for break out areas, receptions or even in wide corridors.

While some of our office pods are not designed to be moved, we supply several ultra flexible options on castors, such as the stunning Cabana Mobile Meeting Pod so that you can easily move your seating pod wherever it’s needed, whenever it’s needed.

Cabana Mobile Meeting Pod

Cabana Mobile Meeting Pod

The right seating pod for you

The office pod you ultimately decide on will depend on many factors including your space, team size, budget, the nature of your business and any plans for future expansion of your company. Once you’ve browsed our fantastic range of seating, our expert team will be able to advise further on the perfect office seating pods for you. Also, with reliable lead times and our unpacking, assembly and package removal service, you can look forward to a high-quality service as well as a high-quality new addition to your office environment.

For more information about our large range of seating pods and other fantastic office furniture designed to enhance the modern office, please get in touch. You can call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill in our contact form.

Nov 29 23

Integrating meeting pods into your workspace


Even in offices with one or more formal meeting rooms, it can be a challenge to provide space for all employees to collaborate effectively when they need to. This is where meeting pods come in. Not only do they create a culture of collaboration within your company, they are also a brilliant solution to productively using all the available space in your office, including in breakout areas, receptions and even in wide corridors.

Read on to find out more about why meeting pods are the perfect way to empower your staff to work productively together, without taking up too much space.

What are the different types of meeting pods?

Whatever your industry or company size, there’s a meeting pod to suit your needs. Call us today on 0116 251 7741 or fill in our contact form to discuss your specific requirements with our office furniture experts.

Glass fronted meeting pods

Meeting pods with a glass front door are a great addition to any open plan office as they offer complete privacy and protection from the noise of the surrounding environment for users, without a feeling of being hemmed into a confined space. Glass meeting pods available from Lismark include the Bob Meeting Pod which combines a striking glass door with large sound absorbing flat panels and soft, rounded corners available in a wide range of fabrics, to create a standout style statement for any office. Available in seating for 2, 4 or 6 people, there’s a size for every office space. Alternatively, the fully enclosed Bea Meeting Pod is available with a stylish and functional glass door, again offering a calm environment to collaborate or hold confidential conversations.

Four-seater Bob Meeting Pods

Four-seater Bob Meeting Pods

Bea two-seater meeting pod with lighting

Bea two-seater meeting pod with lighting

2-person meeting pods

For small businesses, where space is limited, or to provide an alternative to a meeting room, a 2-person meeting pod is a great addition to your workspace. Perfect for catching up with a colleague or client over coffee, collaborating on a project or conducting a one-to-one meeting, this type of pod is available in a huge range of styles, from the open-ended to the fully enclosed. With its striking striped design and easy-to-manoeuvre wheels, the Cabana Mobile Meeting Pod offers the ultimate in flexibility as it can be moved to create a meeting place for two, wherever and whenever it is needed.

 Cabana Mobile Meeting Pods

Cabana Mobile Meeting Pods

Acoustic meeting pods

For many meetings, the ability to be able to speak in private, without being distracted by the hustle and bustle of the busy office outside is key. For this reason, noise reduction is often high up the list of priorities for business owners looking to buy a meeting pod.

Clearly, fully enclosed acoustic meeting pods with glass doors will provide far more sound protection than open meeting pods. However, people are often pleasantly surprised by the reduction in sound they experience even with open-ended meeting pods. The Brix-Up Meeting Pod is a great example of this. Available to seat 2, 4 or 6, its acoustic surrounds provide ample privacy to meet and collaborate within, yet away from the wider office space.

Brix-Up Meeting Pod

Brix-Up Meeting Pod

Choosing the right meeting pod for your office

Making the most of the space available is the biggest consideration when choosing a meeting pod for your office. Here at Lismark, we are highly experienced in advising and installing modern, high-quality office furniture, and as meeting pod specialists, we’re perfectly placed to advise on what will work for your space and budget.

Increasingly, meeting pods are becoming more of a ‘room within a room’, with the addition of tables, lighting, tv brackets and socket points to provide everything you need to present or hold a video conference, just as you would in a traditional meeting room. The Bill Meeting Pod boasts all these features with the added bonus of castors so you can easily move it from place to place as needed.

Of course, as well as providing the perfect space to gather, meeting pods are also a great way to offer employees a private space to work or hold an online meeting.

 2 of the 2-seater Bill Meeting Pods with open sides

2 of the 2-seater Bill Meeting Pods with open sides

Creating a cohesive and collaborative workspace with meeting pods

To find out more about meeting pods and other innovative office furniture that can be integrated into your workplace, please get in touch with our office furniture experts. You can call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill in our contact form.

Oct 30 23

Elevating workspaces: office pods for ultimate productivity


In today’s open plan work environment, private office spaces are still required to offer employees the opportunity to meet or work without interruptions from the surrounding environment. In the modern office, quiet pods are an increasingly popular choice for providing an alternative space to work, reflect and collaborate.

The rise of office pods

When it comes to innovative office furniture solutions for the modern office, it’s hard to beat work pods for a flexible, practical and attractive workspace. This is why more and more businesses of all sizes are adopting them for use in main offices, breakout areas and even to make the most of wide corridor space.

Work pods offer employees a comfortable and functional space to concentrate on uninterrupted individual work or to hold meetings with colleagues and clients. They range from solo office pods in a choice of colours and heights such as Lismark’s Bee Solo Work Pod, to luxury office pods like the Bill Meeting Pod, with its comfortable upholstery, striking design and capacity for up to six people.

Bee Solo Work Pod

Bee Solo Work Pod with a 1215 mm panel height

Bill Meeting Pod

Bill 4-seater Meeting Pod with an end wall and lighting

Contact us to find out more about our fantastic range of office pods.

Design and functionality

Office pods offer a range of features that align with modern requirements and improve the overall efficiency of the workplace. While many office pods are not designed to be soundproof, the physical and auditory barrier they provide offers both a visual and a sound barrier. Lismark’s Retreat High Back Sofa does a great job of creating a private seating area and is available as a solo pod or to seat up to three. Like many of our other office pods, these stylish and practical work pods can be placed back-to-back, creating multiple private workstations where space is at a premium. Or alternatively, placing them face-to-face paired with our laptop table, creates an instant private meeting space for groups ranging from two to six.


Retreat High Back Sofas

Many of our popular office pods, such as the Dennis Work Pod are not designed to be moved. However, we now also offer a wide range of office pods with castors, which give businesses the option to change their office layout without compromising on quality. Offering the ultimate in flexibility, The Cabana Mobile Meeting Pod can be easily moved to wherever it is needed and it’s eye-catching design, available in a wide range of fabrics, means it looks great in any setting.


Dennis work pod with no seat

Boosting concentration and focus

In the modern workplace, stress reduction is always an important goal. By installing office pods, a calm environment is created to reduce ambient noise and block out visual distractions, while providing a comfortable space to work. In particular, office phone booths offer a private space to hold confidential conversations or make an important sales call. With its soundproofing materials, automatic lighting, built-in charging and ventilation, The Milli Phone Booth is the perfect environment to focus on the task in hand. Alternatively, the Milli Work Pod is ideal for seated work and video calls.

Milli power sockets

Milli power sockets

Creating a comfortable work atmosphere

When it comes to office pod design, comfort is key. All of the furniture Lismark supplies is designed with employee health in mind and our work pods are no exception. These days all employers are aware of their legal obligation to provide an ergonomically suitable desk chair for staff, but this level of attention is not always extended to other office furniture. Lismark’s acoustic pods such as the Brix-Up Acoustic Seating Range is designed with high acoustic surrounds to provide comfort and support as well as noise reduction, while upholstered arm cushions add extra comfort and a luxury feel.

Brix-up high back sofa

Brix-up high back sofa

Collaborative office spaces

Office pods provide privacy while also allowing for collaboration and communication between team members for activities such as brainstorming sessions, which can take place without disturbing others in the office. By bringing people together in a comfortable and functional space, office pods create an environment where teams can work together towards a common goal. Most of the office pods we supply are available in various heights and sizes, with work pods such as the Jensen Hut Meeting Pod available to accommodate six people comfortably.

Jensen Hut

Jensen Hut

Creating a productive workspace with office pods

For more information on office pods and other flexible office solutions for a productive workplace, please contact our office furniture experts. Call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill in our contact form to find out more about our fantastic selection of work pods.


What colours do your office pods come in?

All of our stylish office pods come in a wide choice of fantastic fabric colours and textures to suit all tastes and budgets. This includes recycled fabrics made from used plastic bottles, heavy duty spill-proof fabrics, as well as colourful vinyls for use in tougher situations. 

Can I have power sockets inside?  

Power sockets and monitor brackets can be added to the majority of our great range of meeting pods so that you can create an office meeting space set up for the tech you need to run your meetings smoothly. Built-in lighting also comes as standard with many of our enclosed office booths. Please remember to unplug any cables before you move your meeting pod on wheels.

Are acoustic pods soundproof? 

Acoustic seating pods are not designed to be soundproof, however they do possess significant noise-reducing properties. Their high backs and sides combined with their noise-absorbing foam provide a peaceful space to concentrate where people in the surrounding office will not be able to hear what you are saying in the privacy of the pod.

Can I move my office pod? 

Due to their quality, most of our office pods are sturdy and heavy pieces of furniture that are not designed to be moved. If you have an existing pod that you would like to relocate, please get in touch with us and we can advise on the best course of action. If you anticipate that you may want to move an office pod in the future, why not take a look at our pods with optional castor wheels such as the neat and compact Bob Work Pod?

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