Elevate your office space with stylish stools

If you’re looking to provide flexibility and fluidity in your workspace, then stools are an easy, budget friendly and low…

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Kabin 2 Yellow

Meet Kubby and Kabin – our fantastic new work pods

We’ve recently added three fabulous new products to our excellent range of high quality and beautifully designed work pods for…

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Enhancing workplace productivity and privacy with acoustic pods

The open-plan office has the transformative ability to foster collaboration, creativity and flexibility. However, without some careful planning, the benefits…

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Flexible seating solutions: exploring the benefits of modular seating

In today’s office environment, businesses are always seeking innovative solutions to increase space efficiency, foster collaboration and support the wellbeing…

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Why sit stand desks are a game changer in the modern office

With hybrid working patterns and hot-desking in communal workspaces becoming increasingly common, the long-established pattern of each employeee being allocated…

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The acoustic technology behind office pods

Getting office acoustics right is a key part of creating a productive and comfortable working environment. In today’s open-plan office,…

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