Dec 5 22

What our customers are buying

Meeting pods

Here is a snapshot of the office furniture we have been selling, delivering and installing over the past few months. As well as desks and chairs, we have also seen an increase in demand for phone booths and meeting pods. Thank you to all our customers for their business.

Phone booths

Phone booths have really taken off in popularity during 2022. Shown here are our best-selling Penelope Phone Booths, upholstered in Agua Tones Rust fabric. These were installed in a co-working space in November 2022. The booths have lighting, ventilation and power sockets.

Phone booth Phone booth

Private Meetings

Privacy in the workplace has been another big theme this year. We installed two Jensen-Up Meeting Booths side-by-side in a company in High Wycombe. They are situated in a breakout zone, so can be used for meetings, private phone calls or just as a private place to relax.

Meeting pods

Different finishes

People are moving away from traditional desk colours like Beech and White with Silver legs. These DNA bench desks have been specified in Forest Oak with Black frames. The Forest Oak finish is unusual as it has a ‘rougher’ texture than traditional desk finishes.

DNA desks in forest oak with black legs

If we have tickled your fancy for some new, different furniture. please get in touch. Call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill out this quick form and we will be in touch.

Apr 26 22

Case study – Oblique bench desking


We recently had the pleasure of supplying brand new office furniture to a fantastic local charity. The customer was downsizing from its existing premises to a smaller office situated in the Gresham Works coworking space in Leicester city centre.

They enlisted us to help them to create a welcoming workspace to encourage staff to return to the office.

Clean appearance

The customer wanted the office to have a clean and simple appearance, with comfortable office chairs, adequate storage and lockers for staff members’ personal items. They also wanted a small soft seating area with a table, chairs and stools that can be easily moved to face a video screen.


The furniture also needed to be adaptable for when all staff had to attend a company meeting.

Oblique bench desking

We recommended our Oblique Bench Desks in white with its clean lines and compact footprint, along with our Verco Max Task Chairs for all-day comfort. Two tall cupboards accommodated the office storage with matching lockers for staff’s personal effects. A small table in the corner of the office created an impromptu breakout/workspace area with small circular Box Low Stools and Mango Chairs. The stools and chairs can be easily moved to face the video screen for conferences. All the seating was upholstered in Inloom One sustainable fabric, in colours that feature in the company, World Habitat’s logo. Each metre of Inloom One fabric is produced from 60 recycled plastic bottles.

Office desks - oblique design

Verco MAX task chair

Low Box stool

The result

We were able to help create an efficient, agile workspace with a clean appearance, which can be adapted to accommodate the number of staff in the office on a particular day. The customer was very pleased with the result and we received the following feedback:

Over and above

Katherine Windsor of World Habitat said “I wanted to let you know how amazing our office looks with the furniture! Thank you for providing great furniture and great service. It’s over and above!”

Looks amazing

“The office looks amazing. We are really looking forward to starting to use the space.”

What about you?

You may well be considering new office desks for your organisation? Our personal service may also be of interest to you? Well please get in touch and I will come out to have a chat and see how we may be of assistance. Email me direct or call for a chat on 0116 251 7741.

Apr 10 18

Case study – Antique Table v. Martin Table

Verco Martin table

Antique Table versus Modern Martin Table

We recently had an enquiry from a lady who had the “interesting task” (her words) of sourcing a boardroom table and chairs that were going to work in a historical Solicitors building that dated back to 1732. She had in mind a 3 metre long antique boardroom table but the tables she had found online cost over £4000.

Personal touch

The lady said that she could send me photographs of the room and the space available. However, I would rather go and meet a potential client to get to know them, discuss ideas they have and what they would like to achieve.  I like to see the room in person so that I can get a feel for the room, measure up, check the access and the stairways if applicable.

The room…

The room was a good size, rectangular, with a lot of the original features and a large window at one end, so quite a pleasant space. The meeting room was in a ground floor location so my fitters would be happy. There were some fitted bookcases at one side and a cupboard at the end so I took them into account along with the position of the doorway.

Table selection

Although the client first thought of an antique table, I felt that our latest, modern table would look and fit great. The Martin table made by Verco has only been out for one year. It has a black matt laminate top with a soft touch and feel. It features a nanotechnology finish which makes it anti-fingerprint and small scratches can be ‘healed’ by rubbing with a dry sponge. Once the client felt a small sample of the matt black top she was hooked!

Table size

Although there a wide selection of standard sizes, the client required a 3 metre x 1.2 metre Martin table which we were able to get made for them.

Verco Martin table

Cable access

The Martin table comes as standard with a series of cable access panels running down the centre of the table which may be specified in black or white Perspex, fabric or veneer. These can simply be lifted and cable dropped straight through the table top to the floor below. This meant that the projector could be sited on the table top and the cables placed neatly beneath.

Martin table cable access panels

Delivery and installtion

As the table was a special size, delivery lead time was 6 weeks. We deliver and install all of our furniture so we arranged a convenient date that suited the client and her schedule. Installation of the table along with 10 leather chairs from Dynamic Office Seating took only one hour.


The Martin table looked fantastic and the client was very happy. We saved her a lot of money over the original idea of an antique table and were able to supply a table to her exact requirements. Our personal service was appreciated to make sure the end result was perfect.

What about you?

By now, hopefully, you may well be considering a new meeting table for your organisation? Our personal service may also be of interest to you? Well please get in touch and I will come out to have a chat and see how we may be of help. Email me direct or call for a chat on 0116 251 7741.

Mar 22 18

Case study – Martin high meeting table

Martin table

One of our clients has decided to embrace a new way of working by specifying a Martin high meeting table for use in their meeting space.

Martin high meeting table

We recently supplied a Verco Martin high meeting table with a height of 1050 mm in matt black laminate top with oak veneer legs along with matching Martin stools in Camira Mainline Flax fabric.

Martin high meeting table

The use of the high table has led to a relaxed more welcoming atmosphere in their meeting space. Staff can sit on high stools or simply stand at the table which is at a comfortable working height.

Many uses

Colleagues are using it for meetings of course, but also informal catch-ups over coffee, team and solo work on laptops, tablets and smartphones and for use at lunch and break times.

Built-in power

The built-in, through-desk power module provides an instant charging facility and quick and easy access to power sockets and usb charging for all devices. You flip the power module over and out of the way when it is not needed.

“They love it”

After the table had been in use for only 3 working days, the client told me that her staff love it. It has proved a magnet for meetings and impromptu get-togethers.

Friendlier appearance

The matt black laminate top and oak legs give the table clean lines and a softer, friendlier, less formal appearance.  This offers an opportunity to bring a fresh new feel to the collaborative areas of your workspace.

Soft-touch matt black top

The matt black laminate top has to be seen, and felt, to be believed. It has a soft touch and anti-fingerprint technology complemented by the oak legs.


By now, hopefully, you may well be considering a Martin high meeting table for your organisation? Well please get in touch to see how we may be of help. Email me direct or call for a chat on 0116 251 7741.

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