Phoebe Soft Seating Collection

Introducing the Phoebe Soft Seating Collection: Comfort and Sophistication Redefined

Elevate your office space with the Phoebe Soft Seating Collection, a luxurious ensemble of comfort and style. Featuring a curved sofa, swivel accent armchair, and matching footstool, all meticulously upholstered in plush cream bouclé fabric. The Phoebe Collection invites you to experience relaxation at its finest.

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Phoebe curved sofa

The Phoebe curved sofa

The Phoebe Curved Sofa:

  • A masterpiece of comfort and style: Sink into the sumptuous cushions and let the graceful curves of the sofa envelop you in its luxurious embrace.
  • Captivating focal point: The elegant cream bouclé fabric creates a stunning centerpiece in any room, showcasing your refined taste and timeless sophistication.
  • Unrivaled comfort: Experience the ultimate in relaxation with plush cushions and ample space to unwind.
The Phoebe swivel accent chair

The Phoebe swivel accent chair

The Phoebe Swivel Accent Chair:

  • A delightful twist on classic relaxation: This versatile chair allows you to effortlessly turn and recline, offering unparalleled comfort and style.
  • Statement piece: Elevate your decor with the chair’s unique design and plush cushioning, creating an inviting oasis in your living space.
  • Full 360-degree swivel: Enjoy the freedom to turn and engage in conversation effortlessly.
The Phoebe footstool

The Phoebe footstool

The Phoebe Footstool:

  • The perfect companion: Elevate your comfort to new heights by adding the matching footstool.
  • Luxurious and versatile: Sink your feet into the plush bouclé fabric and experience ultimate relaxation.
  • Seamlessly complements the Phoebe collection: Create a cohesive and stylish look in your living space.

Phoebe Sofa, swivel accent chair and footstool

Curate Your Ideal Ensemble:

Each piece in the Phoebe Collection is available for purchase separately, allowing you to tailor your office or breakout space to your needs and preferences. Create a cohesive and inviting oasis where comfort and style coexist.

Invest in lasting comfort and elevate your workspace with the Phoebe Collection. Get in touch with us today, for a quotation and delivery lead times.

Phoebe curved sofa | swivel accent chair | footstool

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