Delo Private Work Space

Your Personalized Haven in the Open Office

Focus Redefined:

Dive into deep work amidst the buzz of collaboration with a Delo Private Work Space, designed for ultimate focus. Its sturdy metal frame, available in sleek contemporary colours, anchors a haven of concentration while seamlessly integrating into your office aesthetic.

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A Delo Private Work Space oak and black

A standard height Delo Private Work Space in oak and black

Tailored to Your Needs:

Multiple Tabletop Options: Choose from MFC, laminate, veneer, or Fenix tabletops to match your desired style and durability.

Screen Customization: The high screen, crafted from MFC or upholstered, is designed for privacy and noise reduction. It even offers a handy storage shelf, if required.

Brand Integration: Customize Delo desktops and metal frames with your brand colours and materials, creating a workspace that reflects your unique identity. The desktops come in 7 finishes. The metal leg frame comes in an amazing 18 colours.

Two height options: Choose from a 750mm high standard desk, or a 1050mm high standing desk.

A standing height Delo Private Work Space in black and dark grey

A standing height Delo Private Work Space in black and dark grey, with an optional shelf and castors

Mobility in Mind:

Delo is not just static. Optional castors make it effortlessly mobile, adapting to your evolving needs within a dynamic, hybrid office. Quickly reconfigure your space for collaboration, solo work, or impromptu meetings.

A standing height Delo Private Work Space in oak and pink

A standing height Delo Private Work Space in oak and pink


Focus: Achieve laser-sharp concentration thanks to the enclosed screen options and noise reduction design.

Customization: Create a workspace that speaks your brand’s language with a variety of material and color options.

Mobility: Adapt to your changing needs with optional castors, ensuring Delo moves with you.

Integration: Seamlessly blend Delo into your existing office environment, fostering a cohesive aesthetic.

Ready to carve out your personal oasis in the open office? Discover Delo and reclaim your focused work time. Contact us here or give us a call on 0116 251 7741.

Delo Private Work Space standard height

Standardheight Delo Private Work Spaces

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