Me Ergonomic Office Chairs

One-Chair-Fits-All Technology.

Me, You, Everyone…

A seating solution with everyone in mind.

Our Me Ergonomic Chairs provide adjustments that adapt the chair to suit users of all sizes, with four back rest styles, seat depth and back height adjustments and multi-functional arms.

The Me range reduces the need for replacement chairs and provides a one-stop chair solution for Facility Managers.

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The Me Ergonomic Office Chair Range:

Unique in its design, the Me is the only chair with a backrest that may be positioned on the top of the rear of the seat in its smallest configuration, thoughtfully designed to support petite users. Lift the backrest for an additional 80mm of back height and extend the seat by 125mm using the twin seat slide to fit the chair to the widest range of chair user heights.

ME100 chair

ME100 chair fitted with height adjustable arms and a polished base

ME100 Medium Back Ergonomic Office Chair

The ME100 medium back chair features an upholstered seat and back. As standard, the ME100 is fitted with:

  • A heavy duty 3-lever mechanism – up/down, seat angle and back angle adjustments
  • A ratchet back height adjustment – simply push up and click the back up until it is at the right height
  • A flex-front posture seat to relieve pressure from under the front of your thighs
  • Ergo-density foam in the seat and back for long-lasting comfort
  • A seat depth adjustment of 125mm to suit chair users of all leg lengths

To download the ME100 specification sheet click here

ME400 chair

ME400 chair with arms and a polished base

ME400 Extra High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

The ME400 is certainly an eye-catching chair.  As well as the standard features of the ME100 chair, it has an extra high back and an upholstered seat.

To download the ME400 specification sheet click here

ME500 chair

ME500 mash back chair with arms and a polished base

ME500 Mesh Back Ergonomic Office Chair

The ME500 is the only chair in the ME range with a mesh back. As well as the standard features of the ME100 chair, it has a mesh back and an upholstered seat.

To download the ME500 specification sheet click here

ME600 chair with arms

ME600 chair with arms and a polished base

ME600 High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

The ME600 is a great all-rounder. As well as the standard features of the ME100 chair, it has an standard size high back and an upholstered seat.

To download the ME600 specification sheet click here

Optional extras

Personalise the chairs to suit with a host of optional extras:

  • Adjustable arms: Choose from height adjustable, height/depth adjustable, height/foldaway arms and multi-funcion arms (up/down, forward/backward, in-out)
  • Inflatable thoracic support: Fill the space between the shoulder blades, helping to prevent slouching and reduce pain & discomfort in the shoulder and neck area.
  • Inflatable lumbar support: Gives additional support to your lumbar area, supporting the natural curvature of the spine whilst preventing fatigue and lower back pain.
  • Memory foam seat: Pressure sensitive to mould to the users seated position, enchancing comfort & support throughout the working day.
  • Air-Flo seat cell: A dual chamber air cushion below the seat surface which reacts to your movements, providing cushioning, helping to improve core strength and reduce sciatic pain
  • Coccyx Zone cut-out: A soft pocket located at the back of the seat cushion which provides a discreet solution to coccyx pain, and provides pressure relief to the tail bone
  • Headrest
  • Polished base

Colours and delivery:

Our ME Ergonomic Office Chair range is available in a huge range of fabric colours. Please consider our Inloom Erika fabric range which has a lovely, soft feel. All chairs are currently on a 2 to 3 week lead time.

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