Atom Work Booths

Our Atom Work Booths, by Boss Design, are just the ticket for when you want to get away from it all for some private, solo work time in the middle of a busy open-plan office. Choose from two widths of booth along with two different heights so you can personalise the amount of desk space and privacy required.

Opt for a solo one-person booth or two-person, one-opposite-one, arrangement, upholstered in your choice from our wide range of fabrics to suit your individual tastes and your workplace.

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Atom Work Booths

An oasis of calm…

With the rise of the open plan office, people have lost the ability to work in private. With the increasing use of hot-desking, staff are always on the look-out for somewhere they can go to really concentrate on the task in hand. That’s where the Atom Work Booths come in so useful. Compact dimensions means that along with siting them in offices, they can also be placed in spaces that would not normally accommodate desking. Make full use of wide corridors, reception areas, and breakout zones.

Choose to work in singles or pairs as the Atom Work Booths come as a one person booth or as a two-seater booth with one person facing another.

Atom Work Booth

Single user Atom Work Booth 1000 mm wide x 1390 mm high

Heights and widths available:

Choose from two widths: a 1000 mm wide booth which has a 900 mm wide White desk top and a 1400 mm wide booth which has a 1300 mm wide White desk top.

Two booth heights: Low surround screens at 1140 mm overall height or high surround screens at 1390 mm overall height. The surround screens may be upholstered in a wide array of fabrics. Please get in touch for details.

Atom Work Booth

Single seat Atom Work Booth 1400 mm wide x 1390 mm high

Optional extras:

Power and data sockets may be added for extra convenience when working on tablets and mobiles.

Atom Work Booth

Two-seater Atom Work Booth 1000 mm wide x 1140 mm high

Delivery and installation:

All taken care of. We will call you to arrange a convenient date, we deliver, we build, we place it in the location you require. After that we take away all the packaging and leave you in peace. Headache free!

How can I order?

Great. Contact us on this form or give us a call on 0116 251 7741 for a chat.

Leasing terms for Atom Work Booths

We can now offer leasing to make your Atom Work Booth purchase even easier. Please get in touch for details.

Atom Work Booth

Two-seat Atom Work Booth 1400 mm wide x 1390 mm high

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