Vinna Task Chairs

Where Performance Meets Comfort in Your Task Chair

Introducing Vinna, the office task chair range designed to empower your workday with unparalleled comfort and adjustability. Whether you favour the sleek breathability of our mesh back, or the luxurious feel of our upholstered back, Vinna offers an exceptional seating experience tailored to your specific needs.

Uncompromising Support:

  • Adjustable lumbar panel: Fine-tune your lumbar support for personalized comfort and optimal spinal alignment.
  • Sliding seat: Experience freedom of movement and find your perfect posture with the easily adjustable seat depth.
  • 4D soft touch arms: Enjoy customizable armrest positioning for enhanced comfort and support throughout the day.
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Vinna task chairs | black frames | upholstered | mehs backs

Vinna task chairs, both mesh back and upholstered

Mesh or Upholstered? The Choice is Yours

  • Mesh back: Embrace enhanced airflow and a modern aesthetic with our breathable black or white mesh back.
  • Upholstered back: Indulge in luxurious comfort and a touch of executive style with our black or white upholstered back. Add a supportive headrest for an extra touch of luxury.

Vinna task chairs | upholstered | mesh back

Designed for the Discerning Professional

  • Black or white frame: Choose the frame color that effortlessly complements your office aesthetic.
  • Built to last: Vinna boasts robust construction and high-quality materials, ensuring enduring performance.

Vinna task chairs | white frames | upholstered back

Vinna offers

  • Unmatched adjustability: Fine-tune your chair for perfect ergonomic support and personalized comfort.
  • Exceptional craftsmanship: Experience the difference of premium materials and meticulous construction.
  • Choice of back styles: Select the mesh or upholstered back that best suits your needs and preferences.
  • Durable and sleek design: Invest in a task chair that enhances both your comfort and your workspace.

Height adjustable arm on a chair | green upholstery | white frame

Elevate your workday with Vinna. Take control of your comfort and experience the difference a truly supportive and adaptable task chair can make.

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