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Meet Kubby and Kabin – our fantastic new work pods

Kabin 2 Yellow

We’ve recently added three fabulous new products to our excellent range of high quality and beautifully designed work pods for the modern open plan office. 


Its small footprint makes it the perfect choice for small spaces, but the Kubby makes a strong style statement wherever you place it, thanks to the unique shape of its protective wraparound shell, designed to reduce background noise and visual distractions. 

Inside a spacious, comfortable seat, a walnut adjustable table and small shelf provide everything you need to focus on solo work uninterrupted and in style. The tech side is covered by a fully adjustable task light and 240 V power socket with twin USB charging ports. 

Find out more about the Kubby work pod here

Green Kubby Work Pod

Kabin 1 

With unparalleled soundproofing courtesy of its uniquely shaped protective wraparound outer shell and toughened tinted glass door, the Kabin 1 work pod offers the ultimate compact and comfortable space to be productive in private. 


As well as offering the same internal features as the Kubby work pod, the Kabin 1 has an integrated touch screen to control the interior sound and video moods and a handy document storage pocket. Not only that, its built-in air ventilation system ensures fresh air circulation for private solo work. 

Discover more about Kabin 1 here

Kabin 1 work pod in yellow

Kabin 2 

Designed for two people to work comfortably in private collaboration or alongside each other, the Kabin 2 work pod provides fantastic soundproofing with its laser-cut metal walls and acoustic dampening materials. 

Offering an immersive personal experience with its eco-friendly design, Kabin 2 allows individual users to tailor lighting and audio using its intuitive tech controls and pre-programmed ‘mood landscapes’ to help increase focus. 

Get more information on the Kabin 2 work pod here

Kabin 2 pink

Find the perfect work pod for your office space 

All three of these sleek, modern work pods come in a choice of six exterior and interior colour schemes, so you can find the perfect fit to reflect your brand as well as your space – and with easy installation, the process couldn’t be simpler. 

To find out more about how one of these fantastic new work pods can transform productivity and employee wellbeing in your workplace, give us a call on 0116 251 7741 or fill out this short form, and we will be in touch.

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