How does office furniture affect your company’s productivity?

22 May 2023

Whether it’s chairs, desks, office pods or meeting furniture, investing in good quality office furniture can have a highly positive influence on the wellbeing and output of your employees. Indeed, research has shown how great quality office furniture can boost employee productivity by up to 32%.

The importance of ergonomics

Providing comfortable, fit-for-purpose office seating is incredibly important; after all, desk-based full-time employees can spend up to a quarter of their lives in the office. At best, feeling uncomfortable in an ill-suited chair creates an unwelcome distraction and feeling of dissatisfaction. At worst, it can result in issues for your employees such as back, neck and shoulder problems. Indeed, employers have a legal obligation to provide DSE workstation assessments to ensure the comfort and safety of their staff.

Lismark supply a great range of ergonomic office chairs designed to be adjusted to actively support different body types. As well as offering seven adjustment options for the perfect fit for the body and positioning at the desk, the Solo Ergonomic Task Chair features five degrees of movement on the seat angle, inflatable lumbar support and a flexible section at the front of the seat to protect the back of the thighs.

While high end office furniture designed with ergonomics in mind may not always be the cheapest office furniture option, investing in it will always result in increased employee satisfaction – and, as a result, increased motivation. Not only that, it guards against the expensive productivity issue of long-term employee absence due to the work-related health problems that can arise from using inadequate office furniture.


Beyond the desk

In the modern office, which may be designed for hybrid working and hot-desking, nurturing employee satisfaction and productivity with high quality office furniture goes far beyond the desk and chair.

Office pods

At Lismark, we provide a wide range of great quality office pods. Our solo office pods are perfect for uninterrupted work and private phone calls. Ideal for the flexible modern office, our acoustic Milli Work Pod features air ventilation, automatic lighting and power sockets as standard, as well as built-in castors, so it can easily be moved around as requirements change.

Sit-stand desks

We all know the importance of taking regular screen breaks during the working day. However, research by Loughborough University and The University of Leicester found that standing while working actually increased productivity. Lismark supply a great range of sit-stand desks, designed to give employees the choice of sitting or standing while they get on with the working day. Paired with the Solo Ergonomic Task Chair, the easy-to-adjust Solo Sit-Stand Desk is the perfect ergonomic solution for the modern office. We also supply high meeting tables such as the Advance Sit-Stand Meeting Table, which is designed to transform sluggish sit-down meetings into energetic exchanges.

Breakout areas

The ability to take a break or move around is key to productivity, which is why it’s so important to provide alternative spaces for staff to regroup or get a fresh perspective. Soft furnishings provide a welcome alternative to official workspaces and office seating such as our Libby Sofa Range offer a comfortable and chic space for colleagues to catch up or provide an on-brand welcome for clients and guests.

Meeting pods

Meeting pods are the chic and contemporary space-saving alternative to the traditional office meeting room and do a great job of empowering employees to focus on the collaborative task in hand. Lismark supply a great selection of meeting pods including the Bea Meeting Pod, which is available in hundreds of colourways and is able to accommodate between 2 and 6 people.

A question of aesthetics

No one wants to work in a drab, dimly-lit environment, which is why making the most of your workspace with colour, light and modern and attractive office furniture has such an important role in motivating employees and increasing productivity.  High quality furniture should always be prioritised over good looks in the office, but the two can happily coexist together. The sleek lines and curves of the  Neon Mesh Back Task Chair are designed with users’ posture in mind, as well as contemporary good looks. Available in a wide range of seating fabrics, you can add a splash of colour to fit in with your brand décor theme too.

Office furniture for the modern, productive workspace

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can increase happiness and productivity with office furniture, please get in touch with our experts. Our service begins with a visit to your premises to understand and advise on your exact requirements. Call us on 0116 251 7741 or fill in our contact form to find out more.

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